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Master Your Online Workout Sessions like a Pro

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

This pandemic has turned our homes into our world by transforming everything into Work from Home mode including exercise. Exercise from home has never crossed anyone’s mind but this unprecedented scenario has convinced not only fitness enthusiasts but also first-timers to make workouts a part of their routine and to keep their energy levels high and body in shape. Since most of the workout sessions are being conducted in groups, thus a few might feel unfit due to their look and feel. Similar to the official meetings, it is quite imperative to appear presentable in the group workout sessions.

A presentable look for the workout helps men in several ways. Primarily, dressing up for the workout session makes you feel enthusiastic for the session by preparing you physically and mentally. When you feel comfortable with your attire and surroundings, you gain the confidence to be a part of the peer. Last but not the least, a presentable look attracts people towards you regardless of your expertise level.

Dressing up for an online workout session is quite simple and easy as preparing for the real gym session, here is your guide for your next online group workout class to look pro and presentable.

Workout Clothes-

It is rightly said that clothes make your first impression and it stands true in the area of exercise too. As you prepare for your gym, you need to prepare your gym clothes for the online classes also. Wearing a sports T-shirt and tracks pants make you look apt for the online class showcasing your interests and preparedness for the workout. Always wear comfortable fitting clothes that give you an athlete look and keep you comfortable during the workout session.


Always keep a check on your surroundings where you are going to perform the exercise as it will also be visible in the online class to your fellow workout athletes. Make enough space around you that allows you to move without hitting any furniture or wall. The cluttered space around you will make the surroundings look shabby and you look uncomfortable which might distract others. Also, the place should be well lit, better if it has sunlight as it will make your face and movements look clear and not dark due to annoying background light especially if it’s a yellow light. Your seamless movements and a clear picture will attract people towards you.

Look happy & energetic-

A happy face always attracts people. Despite the timings of your workout, it is essential to look happy and energetic on the screen to create a mood for the entire group. Always get up from either your bed or workspace 30 minutes prior to the beginning of the class and prepare yourself mentally and physically. An energetic partner is always welcomed in the online exercise session as you may end up motivating others.

Avoid disturbing ambiance-

It is quite natural to have other family members in the same home where you are but it should create disturbance in your workout session. So try to avoid taking exercise sessions during busy hours at home such as when the food is being prepared or guests have come or kids are around. Unwanted sounds and appearances can disturb your as well as others’ work out. Thus select the peaceful timings for yourself and others who are working out in the joint class such as mornings or evenings.

Keep essentials ready-

In an online workout class where the energies are high and the pace is fast, you may need water or a towel, or gym equipment quite often so it is always advised to keep such essentials in an accessible space. This will lead you to get everything you need quickly without wasting the time of yours and others. Going for long breaks can make you look unprepared and unprofessional, creating a bad impression of yourself on others. It is always imperative to value the time of the class to give your best impression.

Don’t be late-

Online workout classes are always pre-planned where the schedule, list of required things and login details are well in advance for your convenience. Since the trainers have some more classes to attend and your fellow athletes have other important tasks to do, always try to log in on time so that the entire group doesn’t waste their time waiting for you. It lays a poor impression if you log in late, join in between or leave early as it may disturb others’ flow and concentration.

Respect others’ pace-

A common workout group may include a variety of people with different expertise, levels and age groups. Their energy levels, ability to grasp things and ability to perform will always differ. In such a scenario, you should not make them feel inferior through any comments or gestures. Instead, you should support them, motivate them and give them a solidarity feeling to perform their best as this will make you widely acceptable in the class by everyone.


With our lives evolving and everything becoming accessible from home, its imperative that we change with the ever evolving scenario and re-learn some etiquettes. Learning about how to be presentable t our peers from home, while also being comfortable is the demand of our situation.

Accepting this, it is also necessary for men to understand and maintain a gentleman’s rappo while even working out from home.

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