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Male Manicure: The Trend That's Taking Guys by Storm!

Male Manicure: The Trend That's Taking Guys by Storm!

A male manicure consists of softening the skin on the hands, trimming the cuticles, and filing the nails. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, it could appear overwhelming, but it’s actually fairly straightforward. With a men’s manicure kit, you can even give yourself a male manicure at home (but everyone should have at least one professional male manicure because it’s fantastic). These are the essential actions


Step 1: Trim the Nail

Male Manicure: The Trend That's Taking Guys by Storm!

To begin a manicure for males, trim your ingrown nails using a nail clipper (we suggest this manicure tool).

Try to make as few clips per nail as you can, and just clip the white portion of the nail. Extra clips might result in unpleasant and unsightly hang nails by leaving your nail edge uneven.

Step 2: File the Edges

Male Manicure: The Trend That's Taking Guys by Storm!

Start by carefully filing the nail from one side to the other with a nail file (we recommend this one). Act as though the file is grinding the nail down. Never file back and forth; always go in the same direction.

When you feel the file beginning to make touch with your finger tip, cease using this motion to round the top of the nail. It will be simple to become impatient and attempt to rush things, but go slowly to protect the tips of your fingers. Men’s nail care is time for self-care, so take it slowly.

Step 3- Trim the Extra Cuticle Back

Male Manicure: The Trend That's Taking Guys by Storm!

The point where your nails and skin touch is known as the cuticle. Use a cuticle clipper—this is our recommendation—instead of your fingertips to trim the extra cuticle.

In addition to producing a jagged appearance, ripping at a loose cuticle can result in bleeding, edoema, hang nails, and even infection. Not at all.

Start by gently pushing your cuticles back toward the tip of your fingernail with a cuticle stick if they are severely out of shape. Be gentle above anything else.

Step 4: Hydrate your Hands

Male Manicure: The Trend That's Taking Guys by Storm!

Finally, wash your hands and apply a men’s hand lotion. This can assist in calming any dry skin and healing any nicks made while giving your man a manicure.

One of several key nail care products for men created to improve the skin of your hands is our Maximum Strength Men’s Hand Cream. Shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E are among of the product’s potent natural constituents, and its lightweight consistency absorbs rapidly.

Man transferring hand cream from a bottle onto his palm.

Does maintaining your nails sound like a lot of work?

You have our word that it isn’t. You may always visit your local men’s grooming salon to have your man manicure done professionally if you’d prefer not to do it yourself (or just want to treat yourself occasionally).

What to Expect from a Male Manicure

There are several things to anticipate if you decide to get your next macho men’s manicure at a grooming lounge. The experts at these establishments will give you an improved grooming experience by cleaning your nails, treating your cuticles, and removing dead skin with a pumice stone. Yes, you could perform all of these tasks at home, but having a professional handle them is more opulent.

Do men Need a Masculine Manicure Often?

Plan to have a men’s manicure once a month to maintain the best possible appearance of your hands and nails. Yes, you can take care of your hands and nails at home if you choose. There are many great products for men to use for nail care. However, if you’re unfamiliar with this area of grooming, obtaining a professional manicure is an excellent place to start because it’s a wonderful experience for everyone.

Is it Common for Men to Get Manicures?

Possessing hands is common. It’s normal to want to look your best. So for men who take their looks seriously, getting a manicure is perfectly acceptable and a wise move.

Don’t you want clean, smooth hands when you’re going about your daily business, on a date, or even during a job interview? The importance of grooming extends to everyone, regardless of gender, therefore a mani for men is acceptable, healthy, and significant.

What Is the Price of a Male Manicure?

In the US, the average cost of a basic mani for men ranges from $20 to $40, depending on your location and the salon or grooming lounge you select. While that is the base price, remember to give your manicurist a gratuity for their hard work.

Gains from Getting a Male Manicure

A male manicure has a lot of advantages like:

Better Self Confidence

When you take care of your appearance, you know you always look your best and experience a significant increase in self-confidence.

Enhanced Joint Mobility

A mani for guys can assist to increase joint mobility in the hands and enhance circulation.

Less Nail Biting

Maintaining neat, well-groomed nails lessens the likelihood that you’ll be inclined to bite at them.Your soft, clean, well-kept hands make a terrific first impression when you shake hands and are much more enjoyable to touch for a love partner.


You could experience some initial discomfort when having a manicure for the first time. You aren’t the first male to enter their nail Salon, and you most definitely won’t be the last.

You’ll be convinced of the benefits of regular manicures for guys after you witness the difference a little care can make. Your hands and fingernails will appreciate it.

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