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Long Lasting Haircut Secrets for Men

A haircut defines your look, it can make it or break it. A good haircut is the very important factor of any look, it takes a lot of trust and visits to find the barber who can give you that chosen look. The vibe is different on the day you get a fresh cut. fine hairlines, soft texture, even side buns and bonus with a well groomed beard makes you wanna freeze that look. well, you cannot freeze it but you can surely make it last longer especially during this COVID-19 pandemic, here’s how:

Getting a sharp haircut

First thing first, start with a quality haircut. Hair that’s been cut by a skilled professional will grow out evenly and be easier to maintain.Now, for your at-home self maintenance to be more effective, opt for longer and thicker hairstyle, one that has more natural borders. With this kind of style, which has a little volume and texture already built in, the growth of your hair won’t be as noticeable. This will help you get away with having it cut less often and style more with a soft gel or hair wax.

Right haircut tools:

Once you have a nice hairstyle in place, all you would need is the right tools to maintain it and perform your at home clean-up.

  1. Small hair scissors

  2. Electric trimmer

  3. Comb

  4. haircloth

  5. brush

Trimming the sideburns

The first step of your at home clean up would require you to trim up the bottom edge of your sideburn with the help of a trimmer. Ensure that it’s straight and evenly at length to the middle of your ear. Now, comb the hair of the sideburn towards your face and snip out the overgrown hair with scissors. Repeat this process, this time combing your sideburn hair towards your ear and snip out the uneven, and then repeat the same exercise on the other sideburn.


For this part, you have to ask someone you trust to perform the precise trim. hand them a trimmer and ask them to move it in upward strokes around your neck until it meets the hairline created by your barber. You can also use a pen styler to give your edges a further sharp finish or one can simply use a skin pencil to mark the area till where the hair has to be trimmed out.

Style Your Hair With Wax

The best products to style your remarkable hair is hair wax, particularly ones with a strong hold and shine finish. Scoop out a coin-sized amount of hair wax and rub through your palms to spread evenly, once it’s warm then run your hands through damp hair to shape. Anything too dense like hair creams and gels are good for moisturising but may bring your hair down in a few hours and can also cause hair damage if used too much. Hair wax works the best to style your hair without much effort and add volume and style to it.

Shampoo Less, Condition More

Limit your shampoo sessions as overgrown hair looks more out of place when it’s dry and frizzy. Your new haircut needs to be kept tamed and tight with a little moisture. So, what do you do? Switch to conditioners. Conditioning helps retain the straightness of your hair back and fixes the shape of your hair. It also helps make hair healthier, stronger and less prone to breakage. Don’t forget healthy hair is the key to a great looking hairstyle as only thick and healthy hair creates volume.

A holiday for Your Hair

Give your hair a day off from all the hair waxing, blow-drying, and shampooing that cause harm to your hair.This will allow your hair to breathe and recover from the chemical damage and improve naturally, making your goal to make a hairstyle last longer a reality.

Make your everyday a good hair day!

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