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Korean Shirts Every Men Must Own

Korean shirts man

South Korea, after establishing its own yearly Seoul Fashion Week, has come on par with major fashion cities such as Paris and Milan. The Korean fashion industry has grown significantly and gained more recognition due to the "Hallyu" wave, which is currently sweeping the globe, with K-pop musicians, actors, and actresses from K-dramas gaining huge popularity.

However, it's not easy to copy this Korean fashion trend, especially for men. Being as stylish as them takes a lot of effort, work, and styling. Choosing the right outfit and finding the perfect shoes or sandals to complete the look is not always an easy task.

To look like a Korean men, you don't have to wear a lot of layers of clothing or spend a lot of money on your styling. You can always look fantastic with just a few pieces of clothing, and you can learn how to mix and match things in your wardrobe to give the appearance that you just stepped out of a K-Drama or a K-Pop music video. This is especially useful if you want to win over a female fan of Hallyu.


1. Hanbok-inspired Korean men's shirts

Korean shirts every man must own

The hanbok is a traditional Korean garment that has made its way into international haute couture. It has also gained popularity in Korea's music videos and street fashion scene with a modern twist. K-pop performers Blackpink and BTS have donned the hanbok in their music videos for "How You Like That" and "Idol."


When designing Korean Hanbok menswear, comfort, durability, and style were considered the main criteria. Due to its simple folds and linear structure, the hanbok's design is similar to origami clothing, providing the wearer with an exceptional experience.


2. Full-sleeved Korean Shirt with Stripes

Korean shirts every man must own

If you're looking for a fresh and modern take on casual fashion, check out the Korean Stripe Full Sleeve Shirt for men. This shirt is made of lightweight fabric that provides optimal comfort and breathability throughout the day. It comes in different collar styles, such as mandarin, pointed flat, Peter pan, and others. For a stylish look, the shirt features fashionable aesthetic stripes, which can be light stripes on a dark shirt or dark stripes on a light shirt.


3. Korean Baggy Shirt

Korean shirts every man must own

This Korean Baggy Shirt is a perfect choice for those who want to look fashionable and feel comfortable all day long. With its traditional collar, front button closure, and slightly oversized fit, this shirt has a classic design that gives you a polished appearance. The shirt is made of airy material, which makes it ideal for everyday use.


Furthermore, Korean baggy shirts are a trendy outfit option in Korea because the people there spend a lot of time indoors, especially during winter, and baggy shirts are preferred for laying extra cloth underneath as well as for social activities as it avoids discomfort.


4. Classic Lapel Collar Korean Shirt

Korean shirts every man must own

The Lapel is generally the collar of a coat or jacket; however, the same design can be replicated in the Classic Lapel Collar Korean Shirt. The lapel collar shirt is made with a Korean flair in mind, resulting in a unique and fashionable outfit. There are different kinds of lapels, and they each operate differently for you; they are each appropriate for different circumstances, and each does different things to work with your shape and features.

Shawl, slim notch, slim peak, notch, and peak are different types of lapel designs. The lapel-style collar also emphasizes comfort and breathability. This shirt is an excellent choice for any wardrobe.


5. Korean Flannel Shirt

Korean shirts every man must own

Flannel shirts are eye-catching as they come in a range of colors. Although traditionally associated with lumberjacks, flannel shirts are becoming a popular trend in Korean men's fashion this year. The best thing about this item of clothing is that it can elevate a simple outfit, like a cotton top and jeans.


Flannel shirts are versatile enough to be worn to a variety of occasions, including weekend parties, dates, and casual hangouts with friends. It is quite common to spot flannel-shirt outfits on the streets of Korea. Flannel shirts are made of cotton or wool-woven fabric.


6. Korean Vest with Undershirt

Korean shirts every man must own

One of the trendiest Korean fashions is this outfit of a Korean vest with an undershirt. The outfit pairs a cotton vest with a slightly larger, contrasting t-shirt underneath and a pair of full-length slacks in a darker color. The undershirt also features a slit at the corners for an extra touch of uniqueness!


Because it's so simple to accessorize, black and white is a terrific color combination for this ensemble. Naturally, the ensemble can also be worn with different clashing colors; you just need to use caution when choosing complementary accessories.


7. Long-Sleeve Korean Polo Shirt

Korean shirts every man must own

Long-sleeved polo shirts are a common Korean fashion trend that look hot and stylish when worn properly. This style is versatile and can be worn in both professional and informal settings. A popular way to wear a long-sleeve polo shirt is to layer it under a thin sweater and pair it with sneakers. For a more formal look, you can button it up and leave the top button undone to add some sexiness and avoid looking too formal. You can also accessorize it with a coat and wear it with trousers and leather shoes.


Whether you choose to wear it with your preferred jacket or roll up the sleeves, this style is a simple yet striking fashion statement. Additionally, it can highlight your broad shoulders and muscled arms, which are major turn-ons for many women.


8. Korean Basic Shirt

Korean shirts every man must own

Occasionally, some of the most lasting fashions aren't the extravagant ones. It's just the easy ones most of the time, and one of the timeless pieces of apparel that is always in trend is the Korean basic shirt. This indispensable piece of Korean clothing will always come in handy for any fashion dilemma.


It's simple to style a Korean basic shirt up or down based on your requirements. For instance, you dress it down with jeans or slacks for a casual date. Just tuck it in and add a belt to finish for a more formal look.


9. Korean Button-Down Shirt

Korean shirts every man must own

Button-down shirts are becoming increasingly common among Korean men. They feature two buttons on the collar to fasten it to the shirt, in addition to buttons down the length of the shirt. Therefore, "button down" really means to secure the collar downward.


Wearing a button-down shirt with half of it tucked in and the other half out, or all of it tucked in, has become a trendy fashion style among Korean men. In Korea, men's long button-down shirts are typically worn with slacks, jeans, or shorts. These shirts are a little more sophisticated and look great with a tailored blazer and slender tie.


10. Drop-shoulder Korean Shirt

Korean shirts every man must own

"Drop shoulder" Korean shirts are versatile pieces of clothing that can be dressed on any occasion and are a great choice for those looking for a balance between casual and fashionable attire. These shirts look great when paired with jeans or chinos.


In addition to being stylish, Drop-shoulder shirts are also very comfortable and adaptable. Men can wear these shirts in a Korean style to embrace the latest fashion trends. The half-sleeves and drop-shoulder versions of these shirts offer a relaxed and easy fit.


This athleisure wear shirt is loose-fitting and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for activities such as lifting weights, squatting, or benching. It is also perfect for relaxing at home or going for a stroll around town. So, whether you're working out or just lounging, this shirt will ensure you look your best.



In this article, I have discussed the most outstanding Korean men's shirt styles of 2023. As you might have noticed, Korean men’s fashion is unique compared to other fashion trends around the world because Korea is often at a different stage of the fashion cycle than other countries. As a result, men's fashion in Korea varies significantly from that of other countries.


A few of the things that set Korean men's fashion apart from other countries are: First, most Korean menswear is accompanied by accessories; it is frequent to see purses and scarves complementing the outfit. Another significant difference that I notice is the absence of distinction between formal and casual attire. Many men in Korea combine formal and casual components to 'tone down' their look while still looking sophisticated.


Lastly, men's fashion in Korea is highly diverse these days, with athleisure, Korean streetwear, mixed formal and casual wear, and basic outfits being the most popular choices.

Written by: Deepali Sudrania

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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