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Intimate Washes for Men to prop-up proper hygiene

Sexual health comes first, whenever we talk about hygiene. Taking care of one’s intimate health is firmly essential for men not only to avoid sexual health problems but for overall sexual experience as well! There are some intimate washes that can work like magic for your intimate health.

Whenever it comes to intimate hygiene, we always jump up to the thought of the women’s body solely and the concerns for the men’s well-being are left out. Intimate healthcare is equally cardinal for both men and women, not just to steer clear from the foul smell or to be sexually active, but for many other reasons.

Our genital region is the most sensitive arena of our body, which calls for special attentiveness, and nourishment which is generally not identified and being imparted! Many men simply wash their intimate region gently with warm water during every bath or shower. However, is that enough?

Foul smell, itching, excessive sweat, rashes, pimples, etc. reflects indigent intimate hygiene. The area around the groin has more sweat glands than some other parts of the body and if not taken care of, it can be the spawn of many diseases like erectile dysfunction or ED, limited blood flow, and Penile curvature (Peyronie’s disease), mental depression, and on.

Regular usage of soap bars and body washes can result in itching, dryness, and irritation, making one feel cramped. This puts the limelight on the intimate wash, a necessary item for a man’s sexual hygiene.

Nowadays, everything ranging from a minuscule moisturiser to the whole vanity of grooming products is available online or in the market which makes the shopping for your hygiene more trouble-free. We are here to bring you some perfect intimate washes that can ensure that your sensitive skin is cleaned without the use of any harsh chemicals. So the chances of irritation, rashes, and diseases are reduced in your private area.

With the influence of social media, rise in disposable incomes, and changing mindset about masculinity, more men are investing in their personal care and grooming.

So, why aren’t you? It is high time now to kick off your routine for the care of your “down there”. Pick out the best ones and don’t skip on them ever!

Skin Elements Passion Fruit Intimate Wash For Men

When it comes to healthcare brands, ‘Skin Elements’ is one of the most trusted brands for men. This man’s intimate wash is made using natural components like passion fruit, tea tree oil, witch hazel, calendula, and aloe vera.

This men’s intimate hygiene wash provides long-lasting dryness, freshness, and fragrance in your private areas.

It makes it much more comfortable and easier for you to go through your day without worrying about your sweaty nether region.

All ‘Skin Elements’ products are 100% vegan, Sodium lauryl sulphate, and paraben-free. This Intimate wash is Suitable for all skin types. It is pH balanced and soap-free.

Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash For Men

‘Pee Safe Natural Intimate Wash’ is specially formulated with Ayurvedic ingredients that gently cleanse & protect your intimate area. This wash contains the extracts of hazelnut, aloe vera, calendula, and tea tree oil.

It helps to preserve the natural acidic pH of the intimate area, keeping you clean and hygienic. It is derma tested, with no sulphates, and is completely alcohol-free.

Furthermore, it washes off the residue from condoms, lubricants, or other kinky things you’re into. What more do you want?

Be Body wise Intimate Wash With Tea Tree Oil & Niacinamide, Balances pH

‘Be Body-wise’ is a wellness revolution designed to help you reclaim control over your health, drowning out the chaotic information you deal with every day. Free of parabens, sulphates, and artificial fragrances, this brand is 100% cruelty-free and vegan.

Made with one percent niacinamide, lactic acid, and tea tree oil, ‘Be Body wise Intimate Wash’ is designed to gently cleanse, moisturise and soothe your intimate area.

This product maintains pH balance while gently cleansing the skin to help naturally balance the microbiological flora of the area.

It may help reduce itchiness, rashes, and irritation caused by fungal infections as well as prevent chafing in the intimate area caused by everyday activity. After cleaning, it leaves the skin completely soft and moisturised.

Sirona Foaming Intimate Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar for Men

This foaming Intimate wash with natural ingredients maintains the natural pH level of your intimate area and makes you free of irritation, rashes, and itching.

It contains lactic acid that maintains microflora and keeps pH level balanced, aloe vera extract that moisturises and nourishes the skin with Tasmanian pepper fruit that soothes with its anti-inflammatory properties.

It is with no SLS/SLES, colour, mineral oil or even phthalates.

Man Matters Intimate Wash For Men (with Aloe Vera & Tea Tree Oil)

‘Man Matters’ is India’s first holistic clinic made especially for men. Made from natural ingredients like aloe vera, tea tree oil, olive oil, and chamomile, this wash effectively yet very gently cleanses the most sensitive portion of your body keeping it fresh, free of itching and odour-free all day. Intimate wash for men that is pH balanced and soap-free

It is the perfect hygiene wash to avoid any disease due to sweat, and leftover lubricants from condoms and bacteria, this wash effectively yet very gently cleanses the most sensitive portion of your body keeping it fresh, and free of itching, and odour free all day.

MANCODE Intimate Wash

‘MANCODE’ focuses on day-to-day essentials for men that include beard essentials like beard oil, and beard wash; daily essentials like soap; skin care necessities like a scrub, mask, and cream that help the quintessential modern men get through the day feeling young and fresh.

Infused with active ingredients like aloe vera extract, and tea tree oil, the intimate wash makes sure that you are clean and feel awesome always. Neem is a natural disinfectant hence it does not allow any bacteria or germs to service in your private area. Aloe vera moisturises your soft private part giving it a smooth texture.

Normal soaps tend to be alkaline and change the pH of the skin. Being very sensitive, the intimate area is prone to catching infections more quickly than the rest of the body.

All the natural ingredient formulation of this intimate wash helps ensure a clean and infection-free area. This product is free from parabens, silicone, and alcohol.


Guysome Green Apple Intimate Wash For Men With Vitamin E

‘Guysome Green Apple Flavoured Intimate Wash for Men’ is enriched with extracts of Vitamin E and Sea Buckthorn. It is a uniquely formulated wash having select ingredients for gentle and effective cleaning where it matters.

‘Guysome’ has a potent antibacterial formula and it removes foul & unwanted odour and gives you lasting freshness and confidence. Vitamin E keeps skin moist, smooth, and supple. Don’t think twice before buying it.

Muuchstac Men’s Intimate Wash (With Tea Tree Oil)

‘Muuchstac Men’s Intimate Wash’ for men is a step towards helping men maintain their intimate hygiene and pH balance. Men’s intimate area is always the most closed and damp area.

In this moist and humid environment, the areas around the manhood become sweaty, and thus, it develops bacteria and fungus resulting in itching and a bad odour.

This intimate wash helps maintain the pH balance of your manhood and keeps the intimate area clean and fresh by preventing unpleasant odour.

Make sure that your private area is free of itchiness, inflammation, and infections and has a soap-free formulation that maintains the pH balance at all times.


Now as you know soap bars may help you save some money but they are clearly no friend of your intimate area. It’s high time to sow the seeds of your healthy and robust intimate health and hygiene.

Intimate washes are specially designed for your sensitive, genital regions that are free from harsh chemicals which can harm your skin.

From choosing the high-quality driven brand of your underwear to choosing the perfect intimate wash suitable to you and your skin type, you deserve a permanent remedy from all the itching and discomfort.

To get a better understanding of Men’s hygiene you can also listen to our podcast.

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