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Innocent Morning Habits that are ruining your life

The way you start your morning can not only affect the rest of your day but also your life in the long term. Habits that might seem innocent or careless, which you might think is okay, will come back to bite you sooner than later. As a man, you do not want to start your day off undisciplined and shabby, that does not mean you wake up, run for 20 miles and break your own personal record in weightlifting first thing in the morning. We are specifically talking about some morning habits!

Let’s look at some of the morning habits that might seem small but are commonly made by most guys which for sure affects them in the years to come. Let’s dive into it!

No hydration right after you wake up

The first of morning habits that you should definitely follow is drinking water right after you wake up. The amount of time you sleep 6-8 hours means that you are not drinking water, your body is completely dehydrated which is also the reason your temperature decreases in the early hours of the morning. Besides that, your mouth feels dry as well. Start developing this habit so that you do not end up with a dehydration problem.

Not skipping breakfast

Having a hearty breakfast is one of the best morning habits you can develop. Due to our fast paced lifestyle we all have a natural tendency to skip our breakfast and focus more on our lunch and dinner. You need to understand that, if you start your engine without good maintenance then how will it matter if you take care of it later when the damage is already done. Starting your morning with a good meal also ensures you’re full of energy and life and end up having better results at whatever you do throughout the day.

It is also said that it is more likely to put you in a better mood.

Hitting the snooze button

This is a habit we are all guilty of as you know. We talk about this habit as a mere joke and brush it off as something we would all naturally do But you need to know that the more you snooze the more you are denying your will to wake up and start your day. Snoozing can make you lazy and at the end make you rush your morning which we will talk about more further ahead. It’s one of the most negligible morning habits but one that can define the way you live your life for years to come.

Checking your phone in the morning

Exposing yourself the first thing you wake up to some UV light is definitely not the way to start your morning. Anything other than natural sunlight in the morning decreases your melatonin production which makes your eyes dry and makes you feel lethargic.

Checking your phone right in the morning makes you distracted which increases chances of you getting late for your other things. One of the most common innocent morning habits that you need to get rid of.

Not exercising in the morning

Exercising in the morning does not mean you need to do intense HIT workouts or a marathon. It can be simple as 20 pushups, 15 mins walk or stretching. 

Any sort of physical exercise in the morning helps in waking you up and making your mind active for the rest of the day. It is one of those morning habits that everyone can agree on.

Not making your bed

Making your bed in the morning right after you wake up might sound like a silly thing. As if this small habit can change our life. You would be surprised to know that yes, it actually can. Controlling and organizing aspects of your life starts from the basics which are inside of your room. If you can have the discipline and control of your belongings inside of your room, then only can you expect to make changes outside of your room and in the world. This is one of those morning habits that might seem simple but can make insurmountable changes in your mind and in your life.

Rushing or stressing right after you wake up

All of the above habits sum up to this very point. Checking your phone, not drinking water, and hitting the snooze button. All of these habits will culminate into laziness which will make you rush at the last moment, this creates unnecessary stress which affects the rest of your day. Due to rushing you might start your day with bitterness, irritation, frustration and tired.

Rushing can also cause you to lose out on your exercise and breakfast which will leave you tired and inactive for the rest of the day.

Taking a hot shower

A hot shower right in the morning, no matter how comforting it is will not make you ready to handle the morning. A hot shower soothes your body and makes you more sleepy. Opt for a cold shower instead. Other than its varied health benefits, cold showers also make you active cause the cold wipes the sleepiness form your body and also makes your mind active. This causes you to be ready to take on your morning activities and get ready to take on the day with great gusto.

Bottom Line

Certain morning mistakes might seem innocent and you might even think that hey, I’ll definitely change later on. But that is the point about habits, they cannot easily be changed, once they are wired into your daily routines and personality, habits can be a disaster to kick away, especially bad ones. Hence, change now by following these morning habits to kick-start your morning and change your life for the better.

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