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Indian Accessory brands for MEN!

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

We all are pretty aware of accessories for the ladies. But did you know that there are Indian brands selling and winning the market and our hearts with men’s accessories? Take a look.

Accessories for men might sound weird and confusing to many, but the fact is men’s accessories do go beyond watches and handkerchiefs. The urban man is all in when it comes to accessorizing and being the fashionista that they are.

Stylish and handcrafted accessories, to luxury jewellery for men are all trending and are the talk of the town. With men’s accessory fashion ranging from men’s bags, cuffs, ties, socks to even masks for beards, it is important that you become part of the smart, stylish and urban men, that too while flaunting Indian brands. Here is a list of Indian brands that you can choose from:

1. The Cover Up Project

With the pandemic came an essential accessory in all of our lives, the mask. Although, these trending masks were not so comfortable for those who proudly flaunt their beards and are pretty sensitive about the upkeep of their beards. The opportunity was presented and caught correctly by the cofounders Chiraag and Charmi, who started ‘The Cover Up Project’. The masks are sauve, stylish, chic and comfortable for men with long beards. These adjustable and stretchy masks go all the way till your neck and are also reversible in use and come in different styles.

2. BeBajrang

Handmade, affordable, accessories for the modern millennial is exactly what a modern man is looking for. The brand was started by two childhood friends Samrit and Arnav who believe in innovation and accessories that are an extension of one’s personality. The brand offers a range of accessories from bracelets, necklaces, suit accessories to even personalized gift boxes. A one stop shop for men for their wearable accessory needs.

3. The Moja Club

Socks form an integral part of accessory for any man. They are not only great comforters for the cold days but also offer a peek inside the personality of every man. Your printed socks could be made fun by ‘The Moja Club’. The goal of the brand is to make stylish, eye-catching, comfortable socks that every man would love to own. The socks are of high quality, eco-friendly and offer a wide range of funky designs.

4. Indian Bow Tie Company

Based out of Jodhpur, the brand offers a range of handmade bow ties. Brain child of Ankit Saboo, ‘Indian Bow Tie Company’ believes in metrosexual men who are experimental in their styling and like to stand out of the crowd. The brand customizes your bowties and is innovative, fresh, stylish and offers a wide variety of bow ties. Also, bowties are cool (any Dr Who fan will tell you that)!

5. Cuffcare

Luxurious men accessories, with high standard and exotic. ‘Cuffcare’ is what you are looking for when looking for that exotic touch in any of your attire. Founded by Vijeet Nawalkha, the brand uses premium and exotic stones for their statement pieces. Although, they started only with cufflinks but have now expanded their product range, by introducing buttons, lapel pins, kurta buttons, and belt buckles. They also offer personalised items and are an excellent choice for men of any age.

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