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Iconic Moustache Styles

The moustache is sacred to a man. It not only is for his appearance but also holds a certain weight of his own emotions, stature and respect. The moustache is also the first area of facial hair that grows for most men after puberty. Hence, it shines as a symbol of a man’s growth over the years. It has been fashioned more than the beard since decades, hence have resulted in some of the most iconic moustache styles that is recognised by anyone still today.

If you are someone who is proud of his moustache and would like to style it better. Continue reading this article to know which of the iconic moustaches will suit you best.

The daddy or classic stache

No other moustache style speaks more “dad’ than the classic stache. It is known by its more colloquial name ‘daddy’ for a reason. It’s one of the most natural looking moustaches which has upper hair trimmed just finely enough the upper lip but not groomed and trimmed enough that it looks unnatural. It is a style that has seen a gradual decline over the ages as modern beard and moustache styles have become more rigid and refined. But nonetheless, the daddy remains an iconic moustache and is still to date fashioned by men all over the world.

The pencil

The pencil moustache screams “I Forgot to Shave”. It is a moustache that is subtle but requires proper maintenance to pull off. It is the stache for those that want to keep it but not so much so that it is the main focus on your face.

The horseshoe

The horseshoe moustache is another classic and is well deserving of the spot amidst iconic moustache styles. It is a semi goatee as in the beard is shaved off and the moustache is kept. It is a badass moustache style that if well suited can completely change the way you look. Former WWE star Hulk Hogan has sported the horseshoe the best.

The Walrus

This moustache can be best described as a comb on top of your upper lip. It is a much more American style, particularly the wild west. This moustache has been made iconic mostly though movies of the 70’s showcasing cowboys and outlaws. The main secret to the Walrus is to trim it only when necessary; too much and it will look like you’re trying too hard.

The handlebar

The handlebar moustache, as the name suggests, twirls upward in a curve towards the edges of the mouth. It is one of the most iconic moustache style for men. The handlebar moustache came to be known by its name due to the twirling that many men did over the years with their moustaches.


The gunslinger beard is a more customised version of the horseshoe. It can be best described as a horseshoe with a pencil line beard. The gunslinger beard takes the horseshoe moustache one step further and turns it into one hell of an iconic moustache style. You won’t see this style often as it is not easy to pull off and requires maintenance to make it look good enough.

Beard stache

The beard stache is a modern and popular style that has been adopted frequently by celebrities. It is a moustache combined with a stubble. It works great as a professional style and is suitable for most face shapes, making it one of the most iconic moustache styles.


The chaplain without a doubt is the most iconic out of the whole list. It has been pulled off by two most prominent but opposing figures, Charlie Chaplin and Adolf Hitler. It is a moustache style that is prime and proper but does not require as much maintenance as you would think, proper shaving along the two sides once a week will keep the short stack over the middle in place.

Leading man

This iconic moustache style was popular throughout the 20’s till the 60’s. It was commonly seen amongst film actors to fashion the leading man moustache, hence was derived the name. Just like the pencil the leading man requires consistent maintenance to achieve the perfect look. Hence, it is not a style that you would see now as we are adopting towards a more casual and natural facial hairstyle. But we would have to be lying to not recognise this infamous moustache style.


Moustaches are the most masculine thing about any man, whether you hate it or love it, you cannot deny the influence moustaches have on your face. These specific moustaches have made it into our lost of iconic moustache styles. We recommend you to try one of them out and see for yourself as to why they are regarded as iconic!

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