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How to choose the right wallet

Wallets have been used by men for more than a few decades now but few have an idea of what should be known to choose the right wallet. Wallets have a big place in the lives of men and they are even used by women at times as it proves to be more functional and easy to carry then your standard handbag. They are functional, easy to carry, small in dimensions and also affordable. But wallets play an even more important role than just handling all your cash in one safe place. It is also a subtle style statement for the observing eye, giving the impression of a man that has purpose and responsibility.

Wallets also tend to have a nature of becoming creased and visible breakouts which gives it an uncouth and unfresh look to it. In time such as this you can definitely consider the option of going for a new wallet, but before that it is crucial to clean out your previous wallet and only organise the necessary things which you will carry in your wallet. Depending on that you can choose from a plethora of wallet options ranging from different types to quality.

If you are keen to know which wallet you should choose from the different available options, continue reading more!

As mentioned, it is crucial to organise the stuff that you would be carrying in your wallet before you invest in a new one. After you’re ready being organised then it’s time to remember some quick tips before you invest in that new wallet of yours

Simple and classy wallets for the go

A simple and clean looking wallet is one of the best pieces of accessory that the average man can carry. Leather wallets always look great with any outfits whether casual or formal.

The right size matters

What do you generally carry in your wallet? Cash? Cards? Documents? Do you like it to be as light as possible or do you prefer a fat wallet? Whatever the case, finding the right size is a priority.

Material check

Wallets come in different material types, from plastics, to pure leather to even faux leather ones. To choose the right wallet, the right material is to be considered, a simple pure leather wallet is a good investment and will last years to come.

A simple but long term investment

Wallets are the most basic and most functional piece of accessory a man carries, it contains your identity, business cards, cash and even documents. Investing in a good wallet is like investing in a good box where all of your confidential things are hidden away.

Bonus tip: Safety over appearance

Wallets may be functional and easy to carry, they are also not one of the safest places to store important things. Hence, a good wallet is considered safe before it is considered appealing or a piece of fashion accessory.

Now that you have got your things in check and in order, it’s time to go through various available wallets and choose which is the right wallet for you!

Bi Fold wallets

Bi fold wallets are the most commonly seen wallets and for the right reason! They have been around men’s pocket’s as far as the 1500’s and have never gone out of fashion due its functionality and simplicity. Despite its popularity, Bi fold wallets are known for being a double edged sword due to its storage capacity, while it becomes handy to keep all your stuff but it also ends up looking like a blown up puffer fish. This creates a high chance of your belongings to fall out sometimes, hence owning one of these means cleaning them up on a monthly basis to make them last longer and keep the elegant look they had when you first bought them.

Verdict: if you are looking for a wallet that has elegance and style along with functionality, then Bi fold wallets should be the go on this list. Besides, it’s affordable and can be found easily.

Tri Fold Wallets

Tri Fold wallets are even more functional than bi fold wallets due to an increased storage capacity but sadly, at the cost of elegance and beauty. They are chunky and not as handy as its smaller bi fold cousin. They cannot be carried as an everyday wallet but works great for travel as you can store all of your important travel documents and cash in one safe place. Tri fold wallets were the trend in the 90’s especially with the teenagers but have fallen out of fashion over the recent years due to its inelegant velcro straps and make out of canvas or other synthetic materials.

Verdict: if you prefer functionality over looks, then tri fold wallets are an easy option to choose as your right wallet.

Magic Wallets

Hear me out! These wallets are actually popular despite their childish name. They do not have anything magical about them, do not be fooled! These wallets have around 3-4 card slots on the outside but on the inside there are two sides like a bi fold wallet with elastic straps covering both the sides. All your cash and documents can be stored on two individual sides and kept from falling with the straps. Magic wallets have very less storage capacity but they are bought for their minimal design and the executive look it portrays.

Verdict: If you are someone who carries around a lot of documents but needs a storage space that is portable and looks aesthetic, then this is your right wallet.

Card Holders

Card Holders as the name suggests, are nothing but card holders. They are meant to carry around cards and nothing else. Available in different types, card holders can look like your commonly seen bi fold wallets but also premium looking and elegant steel cases that look like a jaw dropping beauty.

Verdict: Even though they are gorgeous looking, card holders are not practical to carry around unless you’re someone who has several cards in their possession and need to hand out or show them from time to time. If you think this is the right wallet for you then be ready to make your money wallet a little lighter as they do not come cheap.

Zip wallets

Zip wallets are the safest wallets out of all the ones mentioned in this list. They might not be the most elegant looking wallet but they serve a well rounded functionality. From storing coins, to cards, documents and even other small valuables, zip wallets offer great storage capacity. They are either available with an all round enclosing zipper or a dedicated pouch with a zipper.

Verdict: If you are someone who is clumsy and is prone to make things fall or even lose them, then zip wallets are the right wallets for you.

Passport wallets

Passport wallets are not to be carried around everyday due to its big size but are a great travel buddy to have. These wallets are made for the sole purpose of storing all sorts of valuables a man might carry, from passports, to documents, cards, cash and even your phone in one place. They contain various compartments for a more varied storage option. Some of them also come with a zipper for even more added security.

Verdict: If you’re someone who loves carrying a storage buddy that can store all of your important small belongings then passport wallets are the right wallet that you have been looking for.


Wallets are a great piece of accessory and are universally used by men all over. They are also a great piece of accessory if you are willing to shell out a little money and buy the premium ones. We hope our information and knowledge has given you a better idea about the world of wallets. Time has come now to use this information and purchase the wallet that is right for you!

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