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How to add ‘vintage’ to your outfits

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

When it comes to choosing an outfit, going for the basics is comfortable. However, a classic denim jacket and black jeans combo can be a tad bit repetitive at times. Vintage clothes are something that keep coming back through fashion shows and clothing brands, however, they die down before even making it to the common men’s audience. If you’re someone who’d like to remodel your outfits, go for vintage pieces. Read on to know more about how to add ‘vintage’ to your outfit.

We all can agree, men adorning outfits in period dramas just scream sophistication and chic!

From Leonardo Dicaprio in The Great Gatsby to even Anthony from Bridgerton, it is evident from their outfits, vintage clothes take you to another world of fashion.

We’ve gathered some vintage clothing pieces for you to add into your style statement!

You can find these clothing pieces even in your wardrobes. If not, you can always make a hunt for them!

Here are some insights on how to add ‘vintage’ to your outfit:

Neck ties

The necktie is a classic vintage accessory for men that can never go wrong.

Over the years, neck ties have become a mere statement of formal wear.

However, if you look back, you’ll notice that these were among the perfect adornments for men, be it a party or leisure!

Go for a vibrant bow tie with your outfit, if you’re dressing up for a wedding or even a party. To give the bow tie look a formal edge, choose one that is of a solid colour.

While colourful bow ties are great for an informal gathering, a black tie is the king in the world of neck ties! You can team up a black tie with practically anything.


Vintage trousers are a great way to add a vibrant personality to your outfits.

Just like neck ties, trousers are also known as a formal clothing piece.

However, if you flip the pages back and look into an average man from the 30s, you’ll be amazed to see them sporting colourful trousers with open neck shirts and tank tops.

On a good note, trousers are making a comeback through the current pop culture!

From Harry Styles’s vibrant colours of trousers to even models on a Fendi runway, it is evident to say that even you can be a part of the tribe!

Oxford shoes

If there’s one way to find a blend of sophistication and chic, a pair of oxford shoes is the answer.

Moreover, these shoes are one of those that can be worn from a business meet to even an afterparty!

Oxford shoes are the most versatile kind of footwear that you can find as a vintage adornment.

When it comes to colours of oxford shoes, there are a number of them that go well with almost every outfit. Brown, black and tan are some of the prominent shades for men’s wardrobes.


Overcoats are a classic vintage winter wear option for men.

If you live in a colder region, gentlemen, it is time for you to stand out and invest in a good overcoat! We rarely see a man wearing an overcoat nowadays.

Winter Wear like overcoats and trench coats have been replaced by the fuzzy hoodies and sweaters, but let me assure you, overcoats are the one clothing piece that never goes out of style. They are still worn by some of the men, who want to keep the cold away and also appear stylish. We get it if you want to be fashionable, even in the chilly winters! An overcoat is a great option that would keep the cold away, as well as save your fashion statement.

Pageboy Hats

We all can take inspiration from Cilian Murphy in Peaky Blinders, rocking the pageboy hat look!

Pageboy hats are an accessory that would surely make one stand out in the crowd.

They are best suited for fall months and mild to chilly winter days.

While buying a pageboy hat, it is important to go for the right fit as even an inch larger cap would look drab.

While pairing it with an outfit, go for a casual sweater or even with a statement jacket.


In a world of sweats and jeans, you can be a fashionista by adding a bit of vintage!

When it comes to vintage clothes, they have a whole different flock of colours, prints and fabrics. They are also currently a great way to stand out in the crowd and bring personality to your outfits. The vintage look is also trending at the moment so now is the perfect time to invest in it to spice up your outfits.

You can play it safe by pairing these vintage pieces with casual elements or make a bold statement by going all vintage- the choice is yours!

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