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How Men can create their signature style

When you think about some of the most stylish men in today’s era, you picture them with a certain look. If you think about David Beckham, you see him in a white tee and a rugged pair of jeans. When you think about John Coltrane, you picture him in a stylish black suit with an unbuttoned white shirt and if you think about Steve McQueen, you imagine him in a roll neck or a textured blazer with a simple knitted polo. It seems that these pieces were just made for them.

These were not their uniform, but their signature style that they made for themselves, which felt like an extension of their personalities. Although Steve Jobs’ signature style was not hard, it will be tough for you to pull it off because of the mere fact that you are not Steve Jobs.

The truth is that a man should have a signature style as it will make them dress better and will make their shopping easier as well. Apart from that, you will know exactly what kind of clothes work for you so choosing the wrong kind of clothes will not be an option for you. If you are a man who is ready to develop his own signature style, read on to know more about it:

Your Body Type

When it comes to developing your signature style, you should first know your body type and then move on with the next steps. There are five kinds of body types that a man can have, Rectangle, Triangle, Trapezoid, Oval and Inverted Triangle. Get to know your body type and choose your clothes accordingly.

Pleated trousers with sharp taper go very well if you have heavy calves. Similarly, have your jackets fitted closely with a shorter hem that ends at your hips if you are a shorter man. Apart from that, if you have broad shoulders, a deconstructed jacket will be the right option for you. And if you are a tall and lean man, wear a double breasted jacket to add bulk to your frame.

Throw Out Style Disasters

No matter how much of a fashionista you are, there are always certain types of clothes that will not suit you. Perhaps it is that old dinner jacket you bought years ago, or a grey coloured graphic tee that you thought is in the trend. When you are trying to create your signature style, you need to throw out such fashion disasters from your closet to make sure that you only have those clothes that suit you and help you make a style statement when you step out of the house. So make sure that these clothes are either donated or are in the garbage when you are creating your signature look.

Choose an Aesthetic

Once the style disasters are out of your closet, you need to choose five pieces of clothes that you love and suit you the best. These can be any sort of clothes such as a suit, a graphic tee, a pair of ripped jeans and much more. Try them on to make sure that they fit you well and suit you as well. These pieces can be sporty, tailored and even work wear. These clothes need to be the core of your closet and then other pieces can be added to them to work with them. Perhaps, it could be an accessory like a scarf, or a jacket.

Find Your Colours

Wearing colours is no longer a taboo for a man and any man can nail it if he has done it right. So while creating your signature style, do try out a few colours that suit your complexion, hair as well as eye colour. One of the best options is to go for the different shades of the same colour so that you can remain consistent and are able to remain comfortable in wearing them as well. If you prefer neutral shades then make sure that they suit your complexion as well as your hair and eyes.

Dress for Your Lifestyle

It is very important to keep your lifestyle in mind while creating your signature style. If you have a job which requires formal work wear, then opting for graphic tees and rugged or ripped pairs of jeans will not be the right signature style for you. Perhaps you are a high school teacher, but opting just for suits will not be the right signature look for you. So make sure you keep your lifestyle in mind while developing your signature style.

Find Inspiration

The best way to create your signature style is to find inspiration. Perhaps there is an actor, model or even a fashion influencer whom you adore. If you love what they wear and want to be like them (fashion wise) then you can take inspiration from them.

However, make sure that you don’t go overboard and practically start copying them. Take small elements from their fashion sense and add them into your signature style.


The idea of creating your own signature style is not bad for a man and is actually great to remain consistent while making a fashion statement. Whether you end up loading your closet with suits or dress shirts with chinos, it is always better to have a signature style so that you can impress others every time.

So whether you are going on a date or a social gathering, get on with that signature style and be prepared to kill with your looks. However, there are some pieces of clothes that a man should always have in his closet. One such piece is a white tee which you can add with any pair of trousers, whether it is a pair of jeans or chinos to look perfect for a social gathering. Another piece that you should always have in your closet is a utility jacket that can any day come in handy. Apart from that, do not forget your perfume and a pair of sunglasses. And, you are good to go!

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