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How Fictional Men Portray Heroic Masculinity

Updated: Dec 11, 2023

Fictional Men

People frequently discuss masculinity nowadays, but it is essential to delve into its true meaning.

In today's world, society often defines being a man by following norms and meeting expectations.

In today's society, there is a prevalent trend of individuals immersing themselves in fictional novels. These literary works, particularly popular among female readers, offer an escape from reality.

However, it is important to distinguish between fiction and reality.

Reading romantic and erotic novels can raise women's expectations for men. The intriguing characters in these stories captivate them.

Wanting a partner like the fictional male character is unfair to others who don't have those qualities.

Real men in real life may struggle to meet the perfect standards portrayed in books. This is because they may not possess all the qualities depicted in those books.

The Life of Fictional Men

Fictional Men

Writers such as Colleen Hoover, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Ana Huang, and Lauren Landish influence women's high expectations.

Through their literary works, these authors paint a picture of fictional men who embody perfection in various aspects.

These men possess the ideal height, weight, posture, appearance, flaws, accent, and even a remarkable lineage.

The scenes depicted in these novels often revolve around romance, pleasure, and deep satisfaction.

Not only the love stories but also the plot and the characters' appearance are important to engage readers.

In these novels, there are often situations, like meetings in clubs or cafes, that people think are fate. Writers portray fictional men with extraordinary qualities that make them more appealing.

They possess the willingness to sacrifice themselves or even set the world ablaze for the sake of love. Nothing affects them more than their passionate devotion to their beloved.

They are the embodiment of heroism, fighting for their love and even saving the world in the process.

These traits have been captivating and breathtaking for generations of readers.

The strong conflicts and deep love between the main characters make the stories more captivating.

The care they demonstrate for one another through their passionate and steamy encounters is truly mesmerizing.

Fictional stories are fun and help us escape, but they can also make men have unrealistic expectations.

The challenge is to connect fantasy and reality. It involves understanding that not every man can be perfect, like in books. However, they can still show their special qualities and ways of loving.

The Picture of Men in Reality

Fictional Men

Acknowledging that no one can embody the concept of a perfect boyfriend is crucial.

Everyone has different strengths, weaknesses, and personal challenges that affect their ability to have a loving and healthy relationship.

People are complex, which is why real men are different from the perfect men women imagine.

Men care for their partners, but they often struggle to express it. This is because they are concerned about meeting all the expectations on a woman's list.

No one is perfect unless they have faced and overcome challenges in their life.

A good relationship needs deep talks, affectionate gestures, healthy possessiveness, mutual admiration, unwavering support, and most importantly, trust.

Sometimes men do things that seem silly and say things that accidentally hurt their partner.

When this occurs, people want their partner to understand and help them acknowledge their mistakes instead of leaving them.

Partners grow and understand better when they work together, showing compassion and empathy during difficult times.

The essence of a real and lasting relationship lies in embracing the imperfections and complexities that make us human.

Couples can create a strong foundation by accepting, understanding, and supporting each other while communicating with love and respect.


Recognizing the distinction between the captivating world of fiction and the realities of human relationships is crucial.

Fictional men are not real-life partners. We imagine them to have special qualities and continue exciting adventures.

We can form real connections and meaningful relationships filled with love by accepting and understanding our imperfections. We can also form these connections by accepting and understanding the imperfections of others.

Additionally, by accepting and understanding the complexities of ourselves and others, we can create these meaningful relationships.

As author Shannon L. Alder once wisely said, "Love is not finding someone to live with; it's finding someone you can't live without.

"Seek love and friendship in imperfect, yet wonderful, human relationships instead of pursuing impossible ideals from fictional worlds."

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