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Top Erotic Movies for Men to enhance their guilty pleasure

Men of any age are infatuated with content which involves the over-the-top display of sexuality and are often looking for suggestions to watch such content. Erotica is distinguished from pornography as it seeks to tell a story that involves sexual themes whereas pornography involves the graphic depiction of sexually explicit scenes. Erotica involves a plausible depiction of human sexuality than in pornography. The influx of Over the top (OTT) platforms have provided men with options of choosing the content they like, but how do they know what to watch and quench their insatiable lust for such content? Well, we bring you an exclusive list of Top Erotic Movies which you should watch if you are a great fan of erotica! 

  1. Basic Instinct (1992): It has been almost three decades since Basic Instinct was released, and the movie still continues to be one of the most groundbreaking erotic cinematic displays ever. Falling into the genre of Thriller/Mystery, Basic Instinct was a commercial success. The film follows the story of Catherine Tramell (played by Sharon Stone), an enigmatic writer and her torrid and intense sexual liaison with police detective Nick Curran(Michael Douglas) who is investigating the murder of a wealthy rockstar and Sharon Stone is the main suspect. The movie shocks with its intense display of sexuality and mystery surrounding the character. Last but not the least, the movie features Sharon Stone’s infamous upskirt which shocked the world! 

  1. Lady Chatterley’s Lover (2022): Based on the infamous novel of the same name by English author, D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley’s Lover has seen many adaptations, the latest being the one released in 2022 on Netflix. The film starring Emma Corinne and Jack O’Connell follows the story of a relationship between a working-class man and an upper-class woman. The film offers explicit sexual scenes and viewers are advised to watch it alone! After portraying, Princess Diana in the fourth season of Netflix historical drama The Crown, Emma Corrin will give you shivers in her portrayal of an aristocratic wife in Lady Chatterley’s Lover. 

  1. Fifty Shades Of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed (2015, 2017, 2018): Well, If you haven’t heard of or watched the global phenomenon Fifty Shades Of Grey, then either you are oblivious or too naive!  Fifty Shades is a British-American film trilogy based on the Fifty Shades trilogy by author E.L. James. The trilogy was a Global Box Office phenomenon and raked in huge fortune for the makers. It was an unprecedented advent into the world of BDSM(Bondage and Discipline, dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism) for a mainstream audience. The film follows the story of the romance between wealthy Christian Grey and Ana Steele. Ana is intimated by Christia’s charm but what she discovers is his darkest secrets. 

  1. 365 Days (2020): We wonder if you have already watched it. If not, what are you waiting for ?! 365 Days is a Polish erotic thriller based on a novel. by Blanka Lipinska. The plot follows a young Warsaw woman in a spiritless relationship falling for a dominant Sicilian man, who imprisons and imposes on her a period of 365 days for which to fall in love with him. The movie unapologetically indulges in Toxic masculinity with its lead character, The handsome and desireful Massimo Torricelli. 365 Days is a Global sensation, surely not to miss out on. 

  1. Love (2015): Love is a 2015 erotic art film. Love was notorious for its unsimulated sex scenes which means where the actors perform real-sex scenes. Men will have a guilt-watching experience, as the film depicts every possible sexual fantasy one desires. The film explores the three-way relationships in an unapologetic way, making the viewer crunching for more!

  1. Adore (2013): Can you imagine two best lifelong friends having sex with each other’s teenage son? Well, yes! Adore explores this taboo terrain in its storyline. Naomi Watts and Robin Wright play lifelong friends who indulge in intimacy with each other’s teenage son and the emotional consequences of their ongoing affairs. Bold in its subject and theme, Adore is hard to miss. 

  1. Paprika (1991): Directed by acclaimed erotic film director, Tinto Brass, Paprika is an Italian film based on the novel Fanny Hill. Graphic sexual descriptions throughout the movie may keep you on your feet. The movie explores the story of Mimma who gains redemption, wealth and love after becoming a prostitute in 1960s Italy. Viewer discretion is advised! 

  1. The Voyeurs (2021): Released on the streaming service, Amazon prime video, The Voyeurs is an erotic thriller. The film revolves around a couple who perversely indulges in voyeuristic actions while spying on their neighbour’s intimate acts with dozen of women. Men can have all their inhibitions explored with erotic scenes on display which the movie offers. 

  1. Desire (2011): Originally titled Q, Desire is something which will shock everyone with its intense and unsimulated portrayal of sex scenes. The movie also explores lesbianism. Desire is a symbolic portrayal of the lives of many people, which will be turned upside down after they meet Cecile, a character who symbolizes desire. Scenes are so realistic, Men will have a hard time believing what they are about to watch. Viewer discretion advised

  1. Malena (2000): Malena is an erotic-comedy drama film which stars the eternal beauty, Monica Bellucci. The film was nominated for Academy Awards for Best Cinematography and Best Original Score. The film canvasses the obsession of a teenage boy towards the beautiful and sensual ‘Malena’. The child peeks and spies on her in her house, stalks and has her in her mind all the time. Malena’s beauty is used against her. The movie is quirky and has a  good screenplay. Men should watch it for the sensuous Monica Bellucci. 

  1. Crash (1996): This movie is one of a kind! The Crash is a psychological drama based on a novel of the same name. This movie explores an unexplored theme, where a film producer, after surviving a car crash, becomes involved with a group of symphorophiliacs (sexual arousal from staging and watching car accidents), and tries to rekindle his sexual relationship with his wife. The movie has received cult status and is unique and graphic at the same time in its cinematic display. 

  1. Shame (2011): Shame is a 2011 British psychological erotic drama based on the sexual addiction of its lead protagonist. Shame explores explicit sexual scenes and vulnerabilities of sexual addiction. The movie also explores taboo-ridden incestuous angles in the movie. People with sexual addictions can relate to the protagonist’s character. 

  1. Sexual Chronicles of A French Family (2012): It is a French sex comedy-drama film exhibiting three generations of a family opening up about their sexual experiences and desires. The movie contains extremely explicit sex scenes and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised! 

  1. Nymphomaniac I & II (2013): Nymphomaniac is an erotic two-part art movie which deals with the issue of sexual addiction in its lead female protagonist, Joe. The movie explores the topic os sexual addiction with graphic scenes and nudity. The story moves forwards with the lead, Joe narrating her sexual ordeal from her adolescence to adulthood to a mature woman. In her narration, her livid experiences related to sexual addiction are vividly shared. Nymphomaniac is only for mature audiences. 

  1. The Piano Teacher  (2001): The Piano Teacher is a 2001 erotic psychological drama film based on a novel of the same name. This movie delves into taboo topics such as sadomasochistic(SM) relationships. A Piano teacher enters into an SM relationship with one of her students, and the movie follows the emotional and physical exploits thereafter. The movie stars Isabelle Huppert as the Piano Teacher, who is described “ as one the best actresses in the world”. Viewer Discretion is advised as the movie has the potential to expose the viewers to graphic scenes. 

Hope you liked the list and we are sure that you will enjoy watching them as well. Watching these movies is definitely going to relax you from stress. If you are someone who likes reading, here is a list of books on the same subject of sexual health.

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