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How Can Men Style and Maintain Unruly hair

To put it simply, hair occasionally acts differently than we’d like. All of us have experienced horrible hair days, but what happens when this behaviour continues every day? Having unruly hair with peculiar features like double crowns and cowlicks can be very annoying. Nevertheless, Sheldon Pereira dives deep into the world of hair textures and provides the steps you can take. When it comes to controlling unmanageable hair, how you wear it matters more than whether you have the correct tools for the task.

The Styles

There are three options available: very short, lengthy, or dishevelled and choppy. The best course of action is to ask your barber for personalised guidance or try it on yourself. Below are three beautiful haircuts.

1. Textured Crop

It’s a good idea to keep hair textured, jagged, and even a touch messy to hide any errant growth patterns. The textured crop is a classic haircut that is a fashionable and long-lasting choice for people with unruly hair. This style, which is also referred to as a “French Crop,” maintains order at the back and sides while leaving a bit of extra length through the top, complete with a forward-lying fringe.

To keep things neat and modern, it has been chopped, modified, and kept up to date over the years. Today, it is frequently coupled with an undercut or a taper fade. Starting with freshly washed hair, blow-dry it roughly into shape for styling. Before drying, you can apply a pre-styling product, like root powder or salt spray, for more control and texture. When your hair is dry, use your fingers to apply a matte-effect clay, paste, or grooming cream all over to separate and define your hair, giving it some defined textures and volume.

2. Beachy Length

Another choice is to let your hair grow out long, as the weight of it will mask a cowlick or double crown. Additionally, it means that your barber won’t have to fight two directions of growth quite as much as they would with a shorter haircut. Keeping things unkempt and beachy, like with the textured crop, provides additional defence by letting you deal with your natural growth patterns rather than trying to regulate them. If your barber has established a solid overall shape, this cut is actually rather simple to style once you get past the awkward in-between stage. Simply use a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair, then spritz liberal amounts of salt spray into the roots of damp hair and let it air dry.

3. Buzz Cut

The nuclear option is, of course, always an option. While shaving your head of hair may seem like a harsh measure to take against unruly locks, a buzz cut is a dapper and low-maintenance style that keeps things in check. Make sure you schedule regular visits with your barber to maintain this cut, which looks best when kept short and crisp. Alternative: Buy a pair of high-quality hair clippers and buzz it yourself in the comfort of your own home if you have a willing family member, partner, or friend and want to save money and time!

How to Control and Maintain Unruly Hair

Everybody has their experiences dealing with unruly hair at some point; and we know it can be really frustrating. Low oil production, dryness, humidity, damage from heat styling, hair colour, and excessive washing are all common causes of unruly hair. However gentlemen, there are a few things you can try to ease the frizz and unmanageability of unruly hair.

• Trim Your Hair Frequently

Dead ends that are dry, split, and growing can cause damage to the hair shaft and frizz. This can in turn cause long term damage to your hair. Hence, Regular haircuts keep your hair looking healthy and soft while reducing these troublesome ends. If you live in a place with a lot of humidity, you might want to get a blunt haircut to add weight and keep your hair in place.

• Choose the Best Shampoo

You need the correct shampoo to keep the hair nourished and eliminate frizz. Avoid shampoo formulas that contain alcohol, sulphates, parabens, and other harsh compounds when picking your shampoo. Choose one with hydrating components like glycerine and honey instead to help the body absorb moisture. As an alternative to shampooing every day, you can shampoo your hair every two to three days or alternately every two days of the week. By doing this, you can reduce the frizz and dryness in your hair and make it look sleeker and maintained.

• Constant Conditioning

Your hair’s cuticles shut during conditioning, locking in moisture to improve smoothness. Each time you shampoo your hair, be sure to follow up with a conditioner, working from the ends to the midshaft. As an alternative to shampoo, you might try co-washing your hair once or twice a week. This will remove the debris and extra oil without completely drying out your hair. To heal any damage and add moisture to your parched strands, consider a deep conditioning treatment or hair mask once a week.

• Include oil in your styling regimen

There are many different hair oils available on the market that are great for your hair. They include nutrients that strengthen, moisturise, and control unruly strands. To hydrate and smooth your strands, you can use hair oils on their own or style products made with oils. This will keep your hair nourished and lively especially during the ongoing winter season.

• Gentleness is key

After washing our hair, we often vigorously rub it to remove extra water, but this friction elevates the cuticles of our hair and results in frizz. Instead, gently massage your hair with a cotton shirt or microfiber towel before wrapping it around your head to absorb the moisture. When your hair is only slightly moist, let it air dry for a while before finishing with a blow dryer. To prevent damage, keep the heat low and the hairdryer at least 6 inches away from the hair. To hasten the drying process and prevent tangles, use a round brush.


The styles above serve only as a reference for the men that are unable to manage their hair or are unkempt. If you have something you’ve found that you like better and that suits you, make sure to treasure it. However, feel free to experiment with the aforementioned haircuts and styles. Also, make sure you follow the details on maintaining your hair to keep it in check. Unruly hair can often go wild, and constant maintenance is important. A healthy head of hair keeps you more confident and makes you feel healthier as well. So, ensure not to neglect it.

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