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How Can Men Look Good in a Morning Suit?

Even though there are many styles and colors to choose from, grey is attributed to a morning suit, which is also called a “morning dress”, is the traditional, time-honored way for a man to dress for formal daytime events like weddings, funerals, and other ceremonies. It has a morning coat, a waistcoat, and pants that all go together the most popular.

The Jacket

The colour grey is a classic that goes with the most skin tones and body shapes. Choose a cloth with a thicker feel. Birdseye and sharkskin are good choices. Grey should be in the middle. If the colour is too light, it will wash the person out. The tails of the jacket should lightly touch your legs.

What to avoid?

Don’t wear anything that could be called shiny. Black jackets are becoming more popular, but most of the time, you should avoid them. Black is harder to match with a shirt and waistcoat, and it tends to make the overall colour scheme stand out too much.

The Waistcoat

Again, grey is the usual choice in this case. But buff or natural colours, as well as powder blues and dusty yellows, are good choices for the season. Linen, silk, or brocade should be used to make waistcoats. They can be double-breasted or single-breasted, but a single-breasted waistcoat always has the bottom button undone.

What to avoid?

Don’t wear a jacquard silk dress that is shiny. Avoid waistcoats that don’t have a back. If you wear one, you won’t be able to take off your jacket if you need to.


The standard is the striped pant. But hound’s tooth, subtle checks, or a dark grey herringbone pattern are a bit more modern and often a much better-looking option. Trousers with a flat front make you look slimmer. A front pleat is more classic and looks good on slimmer people. High-rise pants have one pleat down the middle and no cuffs. Grey pants should be worn with a grey coat, and grey pants with a black stripe should be worn with a black coat.

What to avoid?

Pants should not have a turn-up on the bottom. Avoid mismatching pants.

The Shirt

A plain white shirt should be worn with a waistcoat or vest, and a tie or cravat can be worn most of the time.

What to avoid?

Don’t wear colorful shirts with a suit because they will make it look less formal. Make sure that your shirt is white. If it were any other colour, it would look too casual and ruin the look.

Socks and Shoes

They have to be black. The usual choice is Oxfords, but plain derbies are a good alternative. The shoes should be very shiny. The colour of the socks must match that of the pants.

What to avoid?

Don’t wear brogues because they make you look like you don’t care. Make sure the shoes aren’t slip-ons but are instead laced and dressy.

Other Accessories

It’s important to remember that top hats aren’t always required at certain events. Even though cufflinks and a handkerchief are not required, they can give the morning suit a more polished look. There are no hard-and-fast rules about ties, but the best ones have softer colours.

What to avoid?

Don’t wear a top hat to an event where you don’t have to. Try to stay away from ties that stick out. The races are a better place for a happy pattern than a wedding. Novelty ties should be avoided at any cost.

Tips on How to Wear a Morning Suit:

  1. Choose a waistcoat with one button. Double-breasted waistcoats were popular a century ago, but now the single-breasted version is in fashion.

  2. For subtle style, think about getting a waistcoat with silk piping along the edges.

  3. Always choose socks that match the colour of your pants. If your pants are black, your dress socks should also be black. If your pants are grey, wear dress socks that are also grey.

  4. If your suit is black, wear black Oxford shoes. If it’s brown, wear brown Oxford shoes.

  5. Put a pocket square or handkerchief in your coat pocket to give a traditional morning suit a modern twist.

  6. Make sure that your tie can’t be seen through the collar of your shirt. If it is, pull your collar up and tie it again.

  7. Make sure it’s a good fit and not too small or too large.


A morning suit is a very cultured and formal form of dress. If worn properly, it makes the wearer look extremely smart and elegant. Make sure to follow the above dos and don’ts in order to get the most out of your morning suit.

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