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Haircare and styling tips for your Afro hair

Your afro hairstyle might look like the coolest hair among all your friends and is sure to turn some heads around. But that hairstyle will not stay like that forever, nor will your hair look healthy if it is not maintained and cared for. Most afro haired people face the problem of hair care and spend hours on google searching for the right hair product to keep their style intact and their hair looking fabulous. 

Thus, BFH is here to assist!

To make your choice and morning routine more simpler, we’ll provide four of our favourite hair care tips in this article that will make you rock your afro hair effortlessly.

Shampoo less often

You may have heard this advice before, but you must still shampoo your hair every day to remove the grease and grime from styling products and also all the dirt from outside. This make this tip contradictory you might think.

The short answer is that it all has to do with one bad chemical.

The majority of shampoos that you may buy off the shelf include sodium lauryl sulphate, or SLS. It’s a detergent that cleans hair, but unfortunately it also has a tendency to remove the natural oils that your scalp secretes to keep your hair protected.

That means excessive SLS exposure, such as daily shampooing, will make your hair dry and brittle. Nobody wants their hair to feel like a dish cleaning pad.

Solution: Reduce shampooing to twice a week at most, preferably with an SLS-free shampoo..

Use Moisturiser daily

Your hair tends to dry out throughout the day. Every day is a struggle to maintain those locks straight, whether it’s from dry air in the fall, indoor heating in the winter, or even headgear in the summer or spring. But you must address the source!

By keeping the scalp hydrated, you can maintain the hair that emerges from it silky smooth and, most importantly, manageable. This will also make your look more healthy.

Solution: Use a rinse-out conditioner to rehydrate your hair and scalp even if you don’t shampoo (but especially after you do).

You can also apply oils or oil mixes directly to the scalp, such as sweet almond oil or coconut oil, or a moisturising cream.

For optimal results, make sure to spread uniformly throughout the scalp and hair. Remember that, a little each day can make a big difference!

Select a low-maintenance hairstyle

A low buzz cut or Caesar style may seem like your only choices at times. But if you take good care of your hair, you’ll have far more freedom to wear waves, short curls, or even longer styles depending on your hair type.

Find a solution that works for you, or seek the advice of a reputable groomer. You can always go back to the low cut hairstyles, but unless you engage in some experimenting, you’ll never know if you’ll find a better look—something that really makes an impression or something that actually suits your and your style.

Just watch out that you don’t arrive late to work cause a high maintenance hairstyle always needs time to set it.

Select the appropriate styling product

The unpleasant truth is that most of the products we can find at our neighbourhood drugstore are either not designed for our hair type or loaded with grease to make things lay flat or curled up. You are harming your hair in each of these situations.

Solution: Be careful to shop in the ethnic diversity area of the shop, which is typically more accommodating for curly and wavy hair. Also, try to stay away from products that contain alcohol, mineral oil, or petrolatum, which are useful for holding things in place but dry your hair and provide that unnatural shine.

Choose a natural remedy, such as a pomade which is infused with grapefruit seed oil, to hydrate hair and provide medium hold without leaving a greasy aftertaste. Ask your barber for recommendations as well, as more stores and salons nowadays carry trusted products.

To Conclude

Black natural hair sometimes causes quite a lot of trouble. It can be frizzy, unkempt and difficult to tame. However, if you follow our viable hair care tips, nobody will ever know about any of these issues because your hair will look flawless and you can be proud to rock your afro hair!

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