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Guide to Tab and Bar Collars

How to wear your shirt collar with panache when you’re sure of yourself? As a well-dressed man, have you ever wondered what’s next for a dress shirt? Ever considered investing on a Tab Collar or Bar Collar?

This article tells you about a small thing you can add to your closet that will help you dress better.

A Dress Shirt Collar for a Man With Style

Men are always looking for the next small thing that will give them an advantage. Small things make a big difference to a man, whether it’s a truck accessory, a power tool, or a haircut.

If a man is well-dressed, especially if he is wearing a custom suit, this fact is undeniable. Men who dress well know that both the devil and the gems are in the details.

The same way that a small mistake can ruin a man’s outfit, a small change can take an outfit from “nice-looking” to “superior.”

A collar with bars or tabs is a detail like this that will be talked about later. These two dress shirt collars for men will make a man look more refined and put-together.

How does a Tab Collar work?

If a man’s dress shirt collar is tabbed, it has two small tabs in the middle of the collar points.These fit together under the tie and push the knot up and out.

In the past, tab collars were held together with a brass stud, but these days they are usually held together with a hook-and-loop closure, a button, or a snap.

What’s a Bar Collar?

A bar collar does the same thing as a tab collar, but the knot is pushed with a tool called a collar bar. On the points of a bar collar, there are eyelets that are sewn in. One end of a good collar bar has a cap that screws on.

To put the collar bar on, unscrew the cap, push the bar down through one eyelet, under the tie, and out the other eyelet. Then screw the cap back on.

Do not use collar bars that clip onto the collar. These will move around and need to be adjusted. They will also look fake, which is the opposite of what you want: they will look cheap and fake. Also, don’t wear a bar or tab collar without a necktie. Loose eyelets and tabs make it look like you’re missing something.

Why should a man wear a collar with a tab or a bar?

When a man wears a good tab or bar collar the right way, it shows that he is very different from everyone else.

When a man wears a tab or bar collar, it shows that he has tried and mastered the next small thing to distinguish and elevate himself. Almost all men want to do something small that has a big impact, so men who want to stand out when it comes to their dress shirts should wear a tab or bar collar.

With this little bit of knowledge, a man can wear a tab or bar collar on his dress shirt and have the upper hand in terms of style.

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