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Guide to dress up like a gentleman

It’s not as simple as it seems to dress to impress since there are particular items you need to wear and particular ways to wear them. Unsure of the proper tie-tying technique? Perhaps you need some tips on how to properly wear your shirt or your pants. Palak Sharma sure enough is here to help, and provide top suggestions for dressing like a gentleman, so don’t worry any longer.

Know what is takes to dress yourself up like a true gentleman!

Choose the proper suit size (know your measurements)

It’s crucial to measure yourself before buying a suit to make sure it fits you precisely. You must ensure that the shoulders of the jackets are the right size for you and that you can comfortably lift your arms up while wearing them (too tight, and it puts undue pressure on the seams). One does not desire a jacket that is too long or too short for them. By resting your arms by your sides and curling your fingers around the hem of the jacket while you try it on, you may prevent this from happening. The jacket should then fit perfectly into the divot your fingers have created. The jacket will bunch up if it is too long, and it won’t fit in the crevice if it is too short.

Don’t let your suit wear you; instead, wear it

Too much bulky stuff in your pockets may distort the textiles and cause your suit to wear out prematurely. If you’re attempting to appear like a gentleman, this isn’t a nice look because it detracts from the elegance and class. It’s important to know where to put your assets; we’re not advocating leaving them at home, which would be absurd. Make your wallet slimmer by removing any extraneous items, then put it in one of your breast pockets. Any other little objects, such as keys, can be placed in your interior pockets. Your cell phone can be placed in the opposite breast pocket. Avoid carrying extra keys because they might be very heavy. Avoid letting your suit wear you down at any cost!

Closures on jackets

Do you struggle to remember which jacket buttons to fasten and which ones to leave undone? It’s easy to set the wrong buttons, so we’ll clear things up for you right away. If your jacket has three buttons, always button up the middle one and never button up the bottom one. It’s not necessary to do the top one, but we do suggest it. If your jacket has two buttons, you must only button up the top one. Lastly, only unbutton it once you are seated.

Ensure that your trouser length is ideal

Really, it’s fairly easy. Simply make sure that they cover the back side of the shoe. Your trousers will be the ideal length if you check that they come down to the proper spot on your shoe. Ankle-swingers and trousers that drag on the floor are not the finest looks.

Recognise the proper shirt sizing

It’s time to move on to your shirt now that you understand how to properly adjust the length of your pants. Take close notice since there’s a little more to this. First, the sleeve cuff should cover the wrist and extend to the base of the thumb. When a jacket is worn, the shirt cuff should extend at least half an inch below the wrist of the jacket. Additionally, the collar’s tips should rest on the shirt’s body. Last but not least, always keep in mind that a good-quality shirt will last many washes and frequently improve over time.

A tie

A tie has forever in time memorial, been associated with a gentleman. Ties are a fantastic way to express how you’re feeling on any given day, and you can make them as bold, colourful, and outrageous as you desire. It’s crucial to first inspect the tie’s quality while choosing one for yourself, and the easiest way to do this is to handle it. You may get a good sense of the fabric’s quality and lining by feeling it, which can help you predict how it will knot. Your tie should be tied with the point in the middle of your belt and tightened tightly to prevent a gap where the tie meets the collar opening at the top. The four-in-hand knot is the most popular because it fits most collar shapes and is comparatively simple to tie. Why not give it a little dimple to give it a special touch? It will provide more flair and sophistication.

Focus on the details

The key to looking your best is this. Consider including a pocket square to round off your attire. If you want to go above and beyond, a silver tie pin will be the ideal finishing touch for your chic, sophisticated appearance.

Select high-quality items

In addition to looking much better, high-quality clothing will endure far longer. If you spend money on high-quality clothing, you will eventually assemble a wardrobe that is unique to you.

Socks and Shoes

You should wear brogue or semi-brogue shoes with a suit, and you should use real shoe polish to make them as shiny as possible each day (almost to military standards). We advise against wearing them for more than two days straight, and at the end of each day, insert shoe trees to retain the shape. You must be careful when choosing your socks to avoid wearing ones that are too bright and to match the colour of your pants rather than your shoes. Finally, you want them to be long enough to cover your entire leg.


Dressing up nice is not the only thing a gentleman is ought to do, he should also be expected to care for his clothes. Knowing your clothes’ care indicators is important because there is nothing worse than a shirt that is crumpled and has lost its color. It should be noted that if it states “Dry Clean Only,” it is done for a very good reason. You should constantly dress neatly and professionally to project the best image of yourself.


What are you waiting for now that you are aware of all the best advice? Utilise this advice to help you dress like the gentleman that you are and choose the ideal suit for yourself now.

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