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Foot Care: Easy ways to Pamper your Feet

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

When it comes to feet, men are hardly concerned about them as much as they take care of their beard or hairdo. However, your feet matter and you should take proper care of them too. Whether you believe in wearing flip flops or formal shoes, your feet are a part of your body and keeping them clean and soft is essential. Read more to know some foot care tips for men.

Your feet are of utmost importance as you do almost all your work on your feet. Whether it is getting the groceries or dropping your kids to school before work, your feet are always there for you. But do you do as much for your feet as much they do for you? You might just grab your shoes and run for work so that you do not end up late. But we bet that is not making your feet happy. And to treat the support of your life well you need some foot care tips.

Along with that, as you start ageing and develop certain health conditions, your feet need extra care. This is to make sure that you do not end up with smelly feet, cracked heels, foot calluses or foot fungus.

While men hardly pay attention to foot care, we decided to talk about a few foot care tips for men that can do the job.

Change Your Socks Daily

Men always have a strong relationship with their shoes. Whether they have a desk job or field duty, sneakers or shoes are a must of their style. Whenever you opt to wear shoes, always go ahead with a clean pair of socks. Repeating the same socks gives a bad odour to your feet that at times also causes fungal infections. Moreover, the socks should also be of good quality that absorbs the sweat quickly, so that your feet stays dry and clean.

Wear the Right Shoes

This should be a no-brainer for a man, however most of the men end up wearing ill-fitted shoes that rub and scrape against their heels and toes, leading to unappealing and uncomfortable calluses. This is especially true in the case of men who are into sports or other strenuous activities. In order to buy the perfect fit, go shoe-shopping at the end of the day when your feet have swollen. Always bring the socks that you plan to wear with them. Get your foot size measured rather than relying on the listed shoe size. Make sure that you try the shoes and walk around to check if they are comfortable for your feet. Go for soft and breathable materials while buying shoes as they help in evaporating the moisture off your feet.

Foot care should be an important part of the schedule for any man.

Keep Your Feet and Shoes Clean and Dry

When you walk out of the house wearing those sneakers, no matter how clean they look from the outside, they do get dirty once you are back. Wearing them again the next day, without cleaning them from the inside, is going to make your feet smell soon. Along with that, if your feet are wet when you are wearing them, they become the haven for viruses and bacteria. The basic tip is to make sure that your feet and shoes are clean and dry when you are wearing them. Just wiping your shoes from the outside is not enough; clean them from the inside as well!

Moisturise Your Feet

One of the most important foot care tips for men is to moisturise their feet on a daily basis. As soon as you are done with your shower and your feet have dried properly, you should apply lotion. Go for the moisturiser that suits your skin. Hydrated feet keep the callus away. If you suffer from cracked heels or random dryness then do opt for a heavy moisturiser that locks in the health of your feet. Moisturisation is an important part of any skin care routine.

Foot care involves right shoes and socks.

Opt for Pedicures

Now you might think that going for a pedicure is too feminine. However, the truth is that many men get pedicures done regularly to have those clean and shiny feet. Pedicures will help you get rid of that dead skin as well as the dirt stuck inside your nails. Try going for a pedicure once a month and soon you will thank us.


Pampering your feet should be the priority. Keeping them dirty or unclean is not something you should be proud of. The above given foot care tips must be applied by you to make sure that your feet remain clean and healthy. Whether you go for boots or flip flops, ensure that your shoes are always clean before wearing them. Apart from that, your feet should remain dry before you step out of the house.

When you take care of your feet properly, you also save yourself from multiple diseases. There are multiple bacteria, fungus and viruses that enter your body through dirty feet. Moreover, your feet are very prone to allergies that bring more inconvenience. Keeping healthy feet not only keeps the diseases at bay but also gives you confidence to conquer the world with each step.

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