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Essential Suit Accessories Every Stylish Man Should Own

Whether you're headed to a party, a work meeting, or a date, opting for a suit as your attire choice is a step in the right direction. However, simply donning a suit without complementing accessories can leave you looking devoid of fashion savvy and lacking in style. To avoid this fashion faux pas, consider incorporating a selection of suit accessories into your ensemble. If you're unsure about which suit accessories to consider, we've compiled a list of fantastic options tailored for men.

A man can't rely solely on a T-shirt and jeans for every occasion. While such an outfit may provide comfort, it's hardly suitable for professional meetings or social gatherings. Elevating your fashion game and donning a suit on occasion is essential to ensuring you always present your best self when stepping out of the house. While a well-fitted suit is undeniably stylish, it's equally true that the addition of a few suit accessories for men can elevate your appearance and help you make a bold fashion statement.

In this discussion of suit accessories, we've chosen to highlight several accessories designed to complement your suit. Take a closer look below to explore these options in more detail.


When it comes to infusing refinement and sophistication into a gentleman's suit, cufflinks emerge as the ideal choice. These accessories, primarily associated with formal wear, serve a dual purpose by combining functionality and aesthetics. Whether you're attending a work meeting or simply heading to the office, cufflinks can effortlessly enhance your overall look. The versatility of cufflinks lies in the fact that they are available in a myriad of styles, shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing you to possess a collection tailored to various occasions. Whether you're preparing for a romantic date or a formal soirée, donning cufflinks will elevate your appearance to a professional level.

Tie Clip

When you're dressed in a suit, the importance of a tie cannot be overstated. However, it's surprising how often men overlook the value of a tie clip, which can be a significant missed opportunity. A modest tie clip has the power to inject a generous dose of classic style into your appearance, instantly making you look debonair. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, a tie clip also serves a practical purpose by keeping your tie neatly secured to your dress shirt. Tie clips are available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, providing you with ample choices to match your personal taste. It's important to note, though, that your tie clip should never be wider than your tie to maintain a balanced and polished look.


Even when you're not in a suit, sporting a wristwatch is considered a fundamental accessory for a man; it's almost akin to a dress code. So, if you're dressed in a suit, venturing outside without a watch is simply out of the question. A wristwatch stands out as one of the simplest yet most stylish additions to your ensemble. It exudes both aesthetic charm and timeless elegance that should never be underestimated. Regardless of your budget, investing in a quality watch is a wise decision for any man.


For those gentlemen looking to forgo the belt, allow me to introduce you to the world of suspenders. Believe it or not, suspenders are experiencing a resurgence in the realm of fashion and present a compelling option when wearing a suit. They not only exude a sense of classic style and sophistication but also enable you to effortlessly craft a distinctive fashion statement.

When opting for suspenders, there are three key choices to make: the shape, the fastener, and the width of the straps, each dependent on the specific occasion you plan to wear them for. Furthermore, it's essential to coordinate the color of the suspenders with your shirt and tie to ensure they complement your overall look without blending in, thereby creating a striking contrast.

Pocket Square

Injecting a dash of color into your breast pocket with a pocket square is an infallible style choice. This versatile suit accessory for men injects a hint of individuality into your suit's blazers. While some gentlemen may opt for the classic simplicity of a white pocket square, the opportunity to explore captivating prints and patterns is always at your disposal. These unique choices can accentuate and elevate your overall look.

Moreover, it's worth noting that there are various folding techniques for a pocket square, allowing men to experiment and choose a style that suits their preferences and the occasion perfectly.


Unless you're attending an evening event, consider adding sunglasses to your suit ensemble for an extra dose of style. Sunglasses can serve as the perfect accessory to complement both you and your suit. There isn't a rigid rule for selecting sunglasses to pair with your suit; simply opt for a pair that complements your facial shape the most effectively.

Nevertheless, it's advisable to steer clear of plastic sunglasses, as they can detract from the overall sophistication of your look. Give it a try, and you'll likely find that sunglasses can be a valuable addition to your suit attire that you won't regret.


As previously emphasized, suit accessories play a pivotal role in enhancing your overall look and bestowing a stylish touch to your suit attire. Whether you're a devotee of classic black or a proponent of rich browns, these suit accessories cater to all men and suit preferences. However, a word of caution: if you're contemplating donning all these suit accessories simultaneously with your suit, it's advisable to reconsider. Overloading on accessories can be a significant fashion faux pas and may not yield the desired effect.

Instead, opt for a well-curated combination of suit accessories. Whether you choose a tie clip and a watch or decide on suspenders and sunglasses, be prepared to step out of the house and make a compelling fashion statement that exudes confidence and style.

Written by: Deepti Dogra

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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