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Embracing Trends in Plus-Size Men's Clothing

Until recent times, the fashion world has been obsessed with making the perfect figure accessories. But, with changing times and the realization of notions such as body positivity and fashion inclusiveness, trends took a turn. Fashion trends in plus-size men's clothing are on par with every other category of shoppers.

In fact, global marketing insights predict a tremendous growth of 594.3 billion dollars in plus-size fashion. This essentially means there isn't a lack of options for plus-size men's clothing but rather a need to figure out how to make the right choices.

Undoubtedly, the right fit upscales the beauty of a garment. With the picking up of trends in plus-size men's clothing, fortunately, the perfect style is made possible for all the shoppers.

Additionally, finding the right fit isn't the end of the bucket list, but rather just the beginning. Other factors, such as the right colors and patterns, do matter in making the best clothing choice.

So, here we bring you a bunch of trends to upgrade your wardrobe. Additionally, certain tips will help plus-size shoppers make the best deal.

Trends in plus-size men's clothing

From daily wear to business and chilling trips, here is a list of 8 trends in plus-size men's clothing that are a must-have in your wardrobe.

  • The everyday casuals

For everyday casual wear, plus-sized men can opt for dark-colored shirts with stripes or other patterns that suit their aesthetics. And you can pair them with tailored jeans.

  • Business look

When it comes to professional setups, one can ace plus-size clothing with a dapper 3-piece suit. Choose the right colors and pair it with a matching blazer to enhance the look.

  • The denims

If you are in the mood for denim, opt for straight cut or tapered so that it snuggles perfectly, unlike the right jeans that will make your body look disproportionate.

  • The Formals

If you would like to experiment and take an edge over the casual, give the waistcoat a try. Blend in your favorite shirt, tuck up, and put on a solid-colored waistcoat that creates a complementary look.

  • Monochrome effect

Monochromes create a streamlined effect and enhance the overall appearance of a man. When one adds the tinge of monochrome to plus-size men's clothing, remember to bring variety in the texture and layers. For instance, pair up your cotton shirts with twill pants or add layers of clothing such as a blazer.

  • Polo t-shirt

Without polo t-shirts, a collection of plus-size men's clothes isn't complete. Choose supple, long-lasting fabric that will blend nicely with your surroundings while enabling unrestricted body movement. Solid colors go well with denim when it comes to color choices.

  • Date night fit

A classic outfit never goes wrong when you are betting. So, you can go for a simple yet classic button-up shirt of the preferred colour. 

  • Winter jackets

The best way to beat the cold while maintaining your style statement is to pair it up with winter accessories. One can pick up a solid black t-shirt and pair it with a brown jacket or overcoat. Besides, you can add mufflers in compatible colors to complete the look.

Tips to master plus-size men's clothing

Plus-size men's clothing isn't always about finding the larger versions of your favorite finds. While shopping for men's plus-size clothing, these tips will help you put the right attire in your cart.

  • Your body's comfort is primarily dependent on the fabric. In particular, cotton is a breathable fabric that is ideal if you sweat out a lot. Choosing high-quality textiles extends the clothing's life in addition to comfort.


  • The right fit matters because when a dress clings to you rather than snuggling perfectly, it surely ruins the appearance. So, look for the right size. And always remember to go for a trial before buying anything, as it is better than ending up with the wrong fit.


  • Tailoring becomes another important part of plus-size men's clothing. It is because no matter what type of clothes we buy, a touch of tailoring is required to make them specific for us. So, to get the perfect look, stay in touch with a tailor.


  • Color choices have a visual effect on any attire. For instance, a slimming effect is created with dark colors such as black or navy blue. Hence, if you are looking for an elongated effect, opt for dark colors with subtle patterns. In particular, vertical patterns are known to go well with plus-size fashion.


  • Versatility will bring about different styles with a single piece of clothing. A particular plus-size shirt or t-shirt can be used for various occasions by adding layers to it. For instance, putting on shorts, khakis, or a long coat on the same polo shirt will bring about different fashion statements. So, look for clothing you can pair up with versatility and use for different occasions.


  • Layering adds depth to an outfit. It's what makes an outfit stand out from others. Hence, one can try out the complementary effects of shirts, blazers, or jackets. This will create your own signature style for an outfit.


  • It doesn't really matter whether it is plus-size men's clothing or not; accessories undoubtedly enhance the look of any person. Choosing the right accessories, such as watches, can greatly enhance the elements of the outfit.


  • Lastly, don't underestimate your personal style. In the end, clothing is all about self-expression, so let your preferences take a back seat. Don't back away from experimenting and creating your own style.


Brands to look out for plus-size men's clothing

Various brands are opening up to make fashion available to all. This list of brands will help you find the right place to find plus-size men's clothing.


  • Nike’s big and tall category is all you need for plus-size men's clothing. It covers all your needs, from hoodies and pants to t-shirts.


  • Savage X Fenty offers men's inclusive clothing lines, leaving you with no worries about finding the right size.


  • Levi's big and tall category is another thing you cannot miss out on. Especially if you are looking for denim, Levi's offers the best.


  • Ralph Lauren offers a great range of sizes up to 6XL. With their timeless classics, you can surely rely on them for plus-size men's clothing.


  • Calvin Klein’s simple yet elegant designs are adopted in all sizes. So, if you are more of a minimalist, this brand's clothing line is the best choice for you.


Plus-size men's clothing has been diversifying at greater levels. With positive trends in fashion becoming inclusive to all, a range of brands offer extended sizes.

To create a personalized style, certain tips can help you crack the code for plus-size fashion. For instance, by clicking the right boxes of colors, patterns, and layerings, you can flex your wardrobe with an ultimate collection.

Besides, every occasion calls for a different style. And you can make use of the mentioned trends to suit your needs. Whether it is a date night or a casual outing, our styling tips will greatly come in handy for you.

Additionally, one can opt for brands such as Levi's, Nike, and Ralph Lauren to upgrade their wardrobe.

In the end, always remember to take bold steps and create a personalized style for yourself.

Written by: Sameena

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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