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Elevate Your Winter Style: A Guide to Turtleneck Outfits for Men

Turtlenecks are among the most stylish pieces of clothing for men during the winter. It is not a new style trend that has emerged recently. Turtleneck outfits have been around for a long time but were never considered much of a statement piece of style. However, over time, their value has increased, and they are now one of the most elegant winter clothing options for men.

A good turtleneck can provide you with various types of outfit combinations during the fall and winter seasons, which you can wear for formal or casual occasions. Continue reading to learn more about the different combinations that can be created.

Blazers look exceptionally sleek with turtlenecks

Dressing up a turtleneck with a blazer is the best office wear or business casual attire for men during the winter. Wearing the turtleneck on its own may look casual, so styling it with a good blazer makes you stand out and also looks quite fashionable. It’s one of the best turtleneck outfits for men.

Turtleneck outfits with overcoats are a style-statement piece

Overcoats, such as a peacoat or a trench coat, are among the most stylish and minimalist pieces of clothing for men. Coupling them with a turtleneck gives you a modern-looking street-style winter wear option that you can wear to any formal or casual party. We recommend going for a dark turtleneck and a light-colored overcoat to make you look tall and the coolest man in the room.

Wearing a turtleneck with a suit

Turtleneck outfits with a suit are the best way to dress yourself for office parties or any formal event that requires you to dress up. The turtleneck brings a subtle casualness to the complete formality of the suit, making it an excellent combination for men to appear stylish but still different, as it is not the conventional suit. We recommend coupling it with an accessory such as a gold chain to complete your outfit with a touch of exquisiteness.

Denim jackets and turtlenecks

Denim jackets with turtlenecks are currently the hottest style trend for men in the street style segment. The combination brings a breath of fresh air to the staple denim jacket with a T-shirt and makes you look mature while also playful. The turtleneck has the quality of making casual outfits look a little more formal and uptown, with a sense of maturity. This is a great outfit for a man of any age, as the turtleneck makes the denim jacket look a bit more toned-down and mature.

Button-down corduroy shirts

Corduroy shirts on their own are a great piece of casual wear during the winter. Coupling them with a turtleneck gives you an outfit that is great for casual outings as well as semi-formal occasions. It’s one of the most unique turtleneck outfits for men.

Flannel shirts

Flannel shirts, like the cord shirts, make for a great outfit with turtlenecks. They are perfect for streetwear or usual casual wear, and the check patterns on the flannel bring vibrancy to the outfit. It’s one of the trendiest turtleneck outfits at the moment.

Any type of jacket goes amazingly well with turtlenecks

From bomber jackets to suede jackets to even leather jackets, any jacket goes great with a turtleneck. We recommend buying a lighter turtleneck to prevent you from looking baggy while pairing it with a jacket, especially a bomber.

Going solo

A turtleneck on its own looks great on a man. A turtleneck sweater is one of the best casual winter wear options for men. Pairing a solid turtleneck sweater with some flannel trousers or jeans is great for business casual and casual wear. There are also other turtleneck materials, such as synthetic ones, that are great even for monsoons and the fall season. Pairing them with dark jeans and maybe accessorizing with a neckpiece toned down makes for one of the coolest turtleneck outfits for men.


Turtlenecks are a great choice when it comes to men’s fall and winter fashion and are definitely not going out of style soon. This guide was meant to help you learn about the different turtleneck outfits that you can wear so that you can invest in a good turtleneck to elevate your fashion game in the coming winter.

Written by: Ridhiman Das

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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