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Elevate Your Style: Indian Men's Accessory Brands Making Waves

Accessories aren't just for women anymore. In the realm of men's fashion, Indian brands are taking center stage with a range of stylish offerings that are capturing both the market and men's hearts. Men's accessories have evolved beyond traditional items like watches and handkerchiefs, with urban gentlemen embracing the art of accessorizing and showcasing their fashion-forward sensibilities.

From meticulously crafted accessories to luxurious jewelry, men's fashion is witnessing a surge in popularity. This trend encompasses everything from men's bags, cuffs, ties, and socks to innovative beard masks. Here's a selection of Indian brands that are redefining men's accessorizing:

1. The Cover-Up Project

Amid the pandemic, face masks became a ubiquitous accessory. However, for those with proud beards, finding comfortable and stylish masks posed a challenge. Recognizing this need, co-founders Chiraag and Charmi launched 'The Cover Up Project.' Their masks cater specifically to men with long beards, offering style, comfort, and versatility. These adjustable, stretchy masks extend down to the neck, come in various styles, and are reversible for added convenience.

2. BeBajrang

For the modern millennial man seeking handmade and affordable accessories, BeBajrang is the answer. Childhood friends Samrit and Arnav founded this brand with a commitment to innovation and accessories that reflect one's personality. BeBajrang offers a diverse range of accessories, including bracelets, necklaces, suit accessories, and personalized gift boxes—a one-stop destination for men's wearable accessory needs.

3. The Moja Club

Socks are an essential component of any man's accessory collection, providing comfort and a glimpse into one's personality. 'The Moja Club' adds a fun twist to your printed socks. This brand's mission is to create stylish, eye-catching, and comfortable socks that every man will be proud to own. Their socks are of exceptional quality, eco-friendly, and feature a wide array of funky designs.

4. Indian Bow Tie Company

Hailing from Jodhpur, the 'Indian Bow Tie Company' specializes in handmade bow ties. Founded by Ankit Saboo, this brand celebrates metrosexual men who enjoy experimenting with their style and standing out from the crowd. Offering customization options, the brand presents a fresh, stylish, and extensive selection of bow ties. After all, bow ties are cool (just ask any Dr. Who fan)!

5. Cuffcare

For those in search of luxury men's accessories that exude sophistication, 'Cuffcare' is the go-to choice. Founded by Vijeet Nawalkha, this brand uses premium and exotic stones in their statement pieces. While they initially focused on cufflinks, they have since expanded their product range to include buttons, lapel pins, kurta buttons, and belt buckles. Personalized items are also on offer, making 'Cuffcare' an excellent choice for men of all ages.

These Indian men's accessory brands are reshaping the fashion landscape, offering a wide array of options for men who are passionate about style and self-expression. Elevate your fashion game with these innovative and chic choices that showcase the best of Indian craftsmanship and creativity.

Written by: Aakanksha bajpai

Edited by: Anket Joshi

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