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Electric Shaver, is it a must-have for men?

Shaving and grooming have been around for over a thousand centuries. It is believed that stone age men used clam shells like current-day tweezers to pull out their beard hair. Later, that act evolved, and men began using sharp rooks to shave off their beards. Since then, mankind has advanced, and so have their techniques to groom themselves. Men have used blades and razors to shave since the early 1700s, and that further evolved into the development of the electric shaver.

The electric shaver was first introduced in the 1900s, and with the change in technology since then, it has advanced into a much better version of itself in the current day and age. Its development has made it into a tool that is not only environmentally friendly but also saves men a lot of time and effort. Despite seeming so advantageous, there are still men who prefer the traditional method of shaving, which is using a razor. The reason for this is that, like any other product, the electric shaver comes with its own list of drawbacks. We will look at its pros and cons in depth further down in the article.

The pros of going electric with your shaver

The electric shaver has gone on to become very popular among the younger generation, with about 64% of men using them compared to other razors. Its convenience and user-friendliness are also reflected in the use of the product by middle-aged and older men (from the age of 30–60), with 53% of them using electric shavers over regular razors. These higher ends of the averages are due to various reasons.

Environmentally Friendly

The world is growing far more conscious about the environment and what harms it day after day. When men’s grooming kits consisted mainly of disposable blades and razors, the carbon footprint they left was quite high. This all changed when the electric shaver was introduced. One didn’t have to dispose of the blade or razor after every use, and this resonated quite well with the environmentally conscious crowd.

It’s simple to use

The fact that the electric shaver doesn’t have to be disposed of or changed after use makes it extremely user-friendly. One is able to just pick up a shaver, switch it on, use it, and put it back until needed next time. This, when compared to changing a blade, or buying a new razor and using multiple ones, seems to make life and shaving much easier.


Not only are electric shavers more helpful for the environment, but they are also far safer to use in the hands of men. With the sharpness of the blade of a razor being able to cut you with one slip, and you having to be extra careful while performing a simple task like shaving, this made grooming with a razor blade a slightly dangerous task. The electric razor is comparatively much safer and one can do it carefree and in a rush too. The probability of nicking oneself is much lower, and hence, men are able to shave carefree and remain cut-free.

Different Modes

The electric shavers now come equipped with different modes like turbo, for when you want to shave in a hurry, or with different heads and add-ons to groom yourself. Many men prefer trimming and grooming to shaving off their beards completely, and the razor falls short here; whereas, with the add-ons of the electric shaver, one can trim off some of the beard and keep the remaining and also have a clean look.

So, why do some men still use razors?

Now that the reasons for going electric compared to razors seem quite obvious, why is it then that there are still a numerous number of men who opt for a blade and razor over the electric shaver? This is because there are things that a razor can do that are better than a shaver.

Closer shave

The electric shaver cannot seem to match the close shave that men have with an original razor blade. Although the technology used in shavers is advancing day by day, the safety aspect of the shaver makes it much harder to compete with the close shave of the razor. Many people who prefer a closer shave and a cleaner look don’t mind using the razor over the electric shaver.


When using a basic razor blade, the shave is so close and clean that the hair takes much longer to grow back than when compared to the hair when taken off with the shaver. Men have to use an electric shaver more frequently than those who shave using a razor blade.


Electric trimmers and shavers cost quite a bit compared to disposable razors and blade-changeable razors. The upkeep of an electric shaver often turns out to be far more expensive than using multiple razor blades and razors.

Conclusion: Is it a must-have?

As discussed above, there are both pros and cons to having and using an electric shaver. Now, whether it is a must-have depends on the requirements of the user. If you shave in a hurry daily, or have a beard and would rather trim it partially rather than take it off as a whole, then electric is probably the right choice for you. On the other hand, if you like a close shave and that clean look and don’t mind taking your time to shave, then maybe you should go for the manual razor as it might suit you better. While taking a decision, one just needs to keep in mind the pros and cons of both the products and make a decision best suited for themselves.

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