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Easy Hair Care Tips for Men to Follow

Men are known for not taking much care for their hair if we are to compare it to the female side of things. This leads to a decreased demand in hair care products curated for men. Hair care for men is not something difficult to achieve, all it needs is discipline and effort which is soon rewarded with luscious locks of silky hair.

As the stereotypes flow, women are supposed to be obsessed with their skin, while we men mostly concentrate on our hair. It is all but natural that when a guy is heading out, he will make sure to take at least one last look at his hair, while ignoring what he might even be wearing. So why is the care about Men’s hair so less talked about. The simple reason that us men shy away from using products and actually caring about our tresses.

Although, it is easy for men to have beautiful silky hair as hair does not change with respect to gender. Just a few tips can do wonders. Continue reading as to how you as a man can take better care of your hair.

Shampooing less decreases dryness

Shampoos are great for cleaning off the dirt, keeping your hair clean and dandruff free. But it also acts as a double edged sword if you are shampooing it often. Shampoo makes your hair dry as it takes away the moisture from your hair which also includes your natural oils, making your hair look dry and frizzy. Shampooing three times a week is enough to keep your hair clean and also prevent your scalp from drying. We recommend washing your hair with water everyday after you come back home to make it less oily and clean.

Gentle drying

Rubbing your hair with a towel or otherwise after washing is a habit that must be avoided at all costs. Because you had just washed it and it’s wet, rubbing it causes friction which makes it more susceptible to dryness resulting in flaky scalp and damaged hair. Dabbing gently with a soft cloth will make you see the results over time. It is a great habit for better hair care for men.

Right hair products

We recommend not using products too often but whenever you use one it is important to invest in a product that suits your style and your hair. Using a gel or a hair spray is a recipe for disaster that will end up making your hair coarse and rough. Using a clay or a serum is the best way to keep your hair polished, looking natural and also it is easy to wash off.

Using a heat protectant while blow drying

Blow drying your hair is great for achieving your desired hairstyle but too much of it will leave your hair brittle and damaged as heat sucks off the natural oils and moisture from your hair. Using a heat protectant serum or oil is always recommended every time you blow dry or even straighten your hair as it keeps your hair soft without letting the heat make it completely dry. It is a habit that must be followed for better hair care for men.

Apply weekly hair masks

Applying a hair mask is sure to make your hair look and even feel great. Applying a hair mask twice a week can immensely improve your hair quality and it’s also a great self love time for yourself, like a mini personal spa day. Applying any sort of coconut oil or argan oil mask is enough to make your hair healthy, hydrated and nourished.

Massaging your scalp often

Whether you just woke up or you’re in the showere or you’re just about to go to sleep, massaging your scalp once a day can do great wonders for your hair. It increases blood circulation which results in faster hair growth and also prevents any ingrown hair. It is one of the easiest hair care tips for men to follow.

Biotin Pills

If your hair is brittle and has more than usual hair fall, we recommend using Biotin pills. These pills do not have any side effects and are great for making your hair and even nails strong and healthier. Having one pill a day after your dinner is enough to see quick results and is a great habit for better hair care for men.

Reduce the use of hats or tight buns

Wearing hats, caps or any sort of headwear is a cool accessory for men to match with their style but wear it too often and it will suffocate your hair, causing it to shed and also lose its natural direction of growth. Reduce the amount of times you wear hats and you will see a distinctive improvement of your hair, making it look more natural and luscious. For those who have long hair, tying your hair too tightly can also hurt your hair and lead to hair fall and damaged roots. It also prevents your hair from growing in its natural direction making you susceptible to a receding hairline. It’s a commonly seen habit that leads to bad hair care for men.

Drinking water

The above given tips and tricks are all foolproof but they will not work to its full effect if you do not have the habit of drinking enough water throughout the day. Drinking water is an essential way to keep your hair, skin and even body healthy and functioning properly. Dehydration causes your hair to also dry out and look flaky and damaged. Hence even though you followed all the previously mentioned tips, they will all be naught if you aren’t staying hydrated throughout the day.


Haircare for men is no rocket science and can be done by anyone. The tips given are a sure-fire way to improve hair health but it will all go to waste if it’s not followed consistently like a mantra by every man. Consistency is the main key difference between men who have great luscious locks like greek gods and those who have average looking unhealthy hair. Hence we hope that you are consistent with the given tips and in no time you too will be flaunting your beautiful tresses!

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