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Don’t stop your grooming: Travel grooming guide

You’re probably one of the 100 million people who travel for the Christmas holiday. To ensure a smooth journey, you made preparations in advance. But one thing that the majority of men overlook over the holidays is travel grooming.

Even if you find yourself sleeping in your old room, you don’t have to go back to your old grooming habits. You’ll need to make a few changes, but just because you’re away from home doesn’t mean you should stop using your best practises.

Travel Grooming Suggestions

Moisturise Before

Most of your toiletries and grooming items will be secured in your checked luggage on the day you fly. You will therefore be without access to your men’s moisturiser, beard oil, or face cleanser for a number of hours. Before boarding your train or aircraft, make sure to thoroughly moisturise. If you have a long journey ahead of you, your face can be dry and dull when you get there.

A Travel Kit (Dopp Kit)

There’s a good possibility your preferred men’s face wash won’t be in the restroom, whether you’re staying at your mother’s house or a motel. As a result, you might take the chance and then expose your skin to some drying generic goods which will be detrimental to the good routine you had been eeping all this while at home. So, instead you might just want to bring your own. Invest on a Dopp kit for such a scenario. The necessary items—a razor, a toothbrush, and hair pomade—will all be conveniently stored in your Dopp kit. But remember to use skin care products. Consistency is necessary for great skin.

Keep Your Beard Routine

The Christmas-holiday season is fast approaching and you will have to frequently have to travel over to regions with different climates. However, keeping warm won’t be your only priority. You must safeguard your beard. Your beard’s deadliest enemy is the dry winter air. You can keep your skin moisturised while getting a protective layer from tea tree and peppermint beard oil. If the weather is especially bad, you may need to use it twice a day.

Carry Shaving Kits

You’ll need to shave while you’re gone, or at the very least trim your beard in a few spots. You’ll find that you have more in common with Santa Claus than you realise if you go the entire holiday break without at least a trim. Bring the essentials: a razor, shaving cream, and aftershave lotion. Make sure you have everything you need for an exact shave that keeps you looking good and avoids irritation.

Travel Grooming Essentials

1. Wet face wipes

Your skin may begin to seem dull, dry, and dehydrated while you’re away. If you have a pack of face wipes with you, you can quickly clean your face without having to run to the bathroom. These are really helpful and can keep the dirt that has gathered on your face at bay. They are a must for your travel grooming kit.

2. Mouthwash

Having mouthwash on hand is useful when traveling. No, we’re not suggesting that you skip the toothbrush, but having a travel-sized mouthwash on hand can be helpful. Simply swish it around in your mouth to feel revitalised right away.

3. Lip Balm

Drinking water will help you stay hydrated, but keeping lip balm on hand will restore moisture to parched lips. Since lip balms typically come in compact packaging, it’s crucial to keep some in your kit. Make sure you have one in your travel grooming kit at all times.

4. Body lotion

A face moisturiser in a compact, reliable bottle is a necessity for travel. It lessens the overt signs of exhaustion, and the lightweight mix will give your face an instant boost of energy.

5. Battery-powered electric razor

Not only would having an electric, battery-operated razor in your travel gear be helpful, but it will also improve your grooming routine. It’s undoubtedly a convenient option and a great replacement for shaving creams that you can rely on while travelling.

6. Face wash and face scrub

We want you to enjoy the trip, so we don’t want you to follow a strict regimen. So, get your hands on a product that does two things well: it fights off dead skin cells and keeps your skin smooth and clean. You can thank us afterwards.

7. Deodorant and antiperspirant

It goes without saying that you should pack deodorant, but instead of carrying a huge container, choose a compact anti-perspirant deodorant that will fit in your little travel luggage. It is a travel grooming necessity. A pocket deodorant, which is widely available, is the most acceptable alternative to owning one.

Always remember this when packing your travel grooming items!

The majority of your toiletries fall under the category of liquids; therefore, it’s crucial to adhere to TSA regulations. 3.4 ounces is the maximum amount of liquid per product. Any more, and they’ll have you throw it away. Shop locally to avoid embarrassment and wasting money. Fill your Dopp kit with travel-sized goods; if that’s not possible, purchase a set of travel bottles. Fill these bottles with your beverages so you can bring everything you need while still adhering to the regulations.

Additionally, place your bottles in Ziplock bags or tape them close to prevent spills in your luggage. Nothing is worse than getting to your destination and discovering that your goods are covered with fragrance or lotion. Don’t forget to carry a little emergency supply in your bag as well such as extra carry bags, shaving blades and scissors

Consider a scenario in which your luggage is misplaced and takes a few days to reach its destination. You will still require access to any prescribed medications as well as a face wash. Keep those with you so that if something goes wrong, you will at least have the essentials. When maintaining your schedule while travelling does not require any changes, there are some modifications that must be made.


Don’t neglect your grooming routine while traveling. Carry the necessary items as per the above list, and make sure to follow the grooming routines to make sure your body does not suffer this holiday season. Safe travels!

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