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DIY Tips to Protect Your Hair At Home

Our hair undergoes several experiences, from the sun's rays to the increase in pollution. And it becomes crucial to pick a hair routine that gives it life.

Hair can be your friends for looking more fashionable. And having healthy hair also signifies a lot about your health.

But the damage done to our hair is so much that these days it has become difficult for men to control the damage done to their hair and to enhance their hair health and growth.

Don't worry! You won't have to spend a fortune to bring your hair back to its former splendor. Here is a compilation of fantastic hair methods and advice. So, to achieve the ideal appearance, try these DIY recipes based on your kitchen pantry!

The best DIY hair recipes for men

DIY Recipes for Dry Hair

  • Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a triglyceride with greater penetrability. Hence, its massage is fairly helpful for hair dryness. Simply microwave the coconut oil to a warm state. Massage your hair, concentrating on the root area, after rubbing the oil on your palms.

Wash your hair after leaving it like that for at least 30 minutes. For maximum outcomes, make it a weekly ritual. Also, one can stir in a few curry leaves with the oil. Allow the mixture to cool down. Proceed to apply it as you would with coconut oil. Later, rinse it off.

  • Banana-based mask

Banana is another popular ingredient that can help with dryness. It contains lots of antioxidants. Because of this, it strengthens the hair. One can peel off and mash the banana. Now, massage it thoroughly throughout your scalp and roots. After an hour of rest, wash it off.

Besides a plain banana mask, you can mix additional ingredients, such as honey or coconut oil. Put roughly a spoonful of coconut oil or honey in a bowl. To this, add one ripe banana and mash it well while simultaneously mixing them. Massage the mixture once it approaches a suitable consistency. And let it soak in for an hour before washing it off.

  • Avocado-based mask

Avocado is rich in good fats and helps retain hair moisture. Hence, it is a go-to DIY recipe for people with dehydrated hair. Owing to its fat richness, it is best to apply avocado masks when the hair is dry rather than wet. Take about half of a ripened avocado and make it into a paste. To this, add cooked oatmeal and let the ingredients cool. Now blend them until they turn into a homogeneous paste. Apply the mask to dry hair while massaging the roots. And after half an hour, cleanse it with shampoo.

DIY recipes for Hair Loss

Men are particularly more concerned about hair loss than any other hair issue. Of all the reasons behind hair loss, the most common is hereditary pattern baldness. Drug side effects, hormonal shifts, and fungal infections are among the other causes. Whatever the cause, these easily accessible DIY options may help.

  • Aloe Vera-based hair masks

Each of us is well aware of the wonders of aloe vera and its rich nutrient sources. Also, it is widely used in preparing products against dandruff, which is a further reason for hair loss. Aloe vera and probiotic blends such as yogurt make excellent hair masks.

One can use two tablespoons of aloe vera gel with an equal ratio of yogurt and honey. Allow this recipe to sit on your scalp for approximately fifteen minutes before shampooing it out. Aloe vera and coconut oil are another combo recipe that can benefit hair loss.

Simply combine two tablespoons of thoroughly blended aloe vera gel with one spoonful of coconut oil. And your DIY recipe is ready to use. You can put on the gel for a few hours before shampooing.

  • Onion juice recipes

Onion juice boosts hair durability and growth. To use the onion recipe, peel off its skin and grind it. After that, strain it through a mesh and use the extracted juice as a hair mask.

Besides, you can combine lemon juice with the onion extract and leave it on your hair for half an hour. Now wash off with a suitable shampoo. Although it works wonderfully for many people, we must caution you about the not-so-easy, pungent smell in your hair after use.

  • Rosemary Oil

Research on rosemary oil suggests it is a beneficial hair growth agent. You can add a few drops of essential rosemary oil to a tablespoon of coconut oil or jojoba oil. Allow it to settle on the scalp for 10–15 minutes before rinsing it off.

DIY Recipes for Curly Hair

If you are encountering curly hair troubles, try these gentle DIY hair recipes to tame it.

  • Hibiscus extracts

Hibiscus flowers are part of traditional recipes for hair care. One can blend these flowers with water. And let this flower juice rest on your hair for a while. Later, give it a gentle rinsing with water. Subsequently, use shampoo.

  • Egg-based Mask

An egg-based mask is another hair recipe you may try. To the egg, add two teaspoons of honey and yogurt. Whisk up all of these components and leave them on your hair for roughly an hour. After that, use a gentle shampoo.

DIY Recipes for Dandruff

Dandruff is a quite common hair condition, with an estimated impact on 50% of the world's population at least once in their lives.

  • Lemon and yogurt mask

A spoonful of lemon juice, when coupled with two tablespoons of yogurt, can help with the itchy, dandruff-prone scalp.

  • Neem extracts

Neem, a miracle tree against many skin issues, aids against dandruff too. You can grind a dozen neem leaves and pair them with coconut oil. Later, apply this mixture to the hair for twenty minutes. And follow it up with a thorough rinsing with water.

  • Baking Soda

Another kitchen ingredient you can experiment with is baking soda. Before washing your hair, give it a few minutes of massage with baking soda.

Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair for Men

A good hair mask will undoubtedly assist in repairing hair. But men must not forget that the key to excellent hair lies in consistency. So incorporate these healthy tips as a part of your routine.

  • Don't over-shampoo

Our hair has natural protective oils. And when we shampoo more than is necessary, the hair's oil gets stripped off. Hence, plan your hair wash schedule accordingly.

  • Use Conditioners

Conditioners are designed to moisturize our hair. Therefore, it is recommended to include it as a part of your hair care routine.

  • Towel with Care

Rubbing damp hair roughly breaks it. So, dry your hair by gently patting it.

  • Tight Caps

Excessive pressure on your hair can damage it. Also, wet or oily hair can break far more easily than dry hair. Hence, loosen up your caps and wear them, preferably after you have dried your hair.

  • Life Style changes

A healthy diet and good sleep are just as vital for your hair as any other organ. Diets loaded with vitamins, healthy fats, and iron may boost hair growth. Besides, adopt yoga or an exercise routine to combat stress.


DIY hair recipes are healthy options to perfect your hair care. There are plenty of natural products available for all your hair problems. For instance, avocado and coconut oil have intense moisturizing abilities. Thus, it works well for dehydrated hair. In addition, probiotics like yogurt are good for dandruff.

Furthermore, a DIY blend of these natural solutions is worthwhile for addressing numerous hair concerns at once. So, choose the hair mask that reflects your hair's needs.

Article by: Sameena

Edited by: Puneet Kapani

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