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Deep Dive into the Korean Skin care for Men

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Millennials and Gen Z rarely agree on things but K-skin care definitely comes in ‘must haves’ for both the generations. The current skin care market is blooming with Korean skin care products, be it BB and CC creams to pimple patches and facemasks.

Korean as well as Indian skin care has always been focused with glowing flawless skin. The Indian consumer’s obsession with fair, spot free skin takes a deep dive with Korean products which are now readily available on E-commerce websites such as Nyka and Amazon.

Amazon India in an Aljazeera article, said that ‘there has been a “growth of more than 3.5 times in the K-beauty category” which was credited to the surge in demand of Korean beauty products’.

In an Hindustan Times article, Anurag Kedia, co-founder and CEO, Pilgrim, said, “People want to invest in personal care and are open to exploring new global beauty regimes. This has opened several innovation opportunities for brands in the segment, with K-beauty leading the pack. In fact, the pandemic has accelerated adoption.”

The recent Korean skin care trend of dunking your face in ice cold water might sound weird but seems to hit a nerve with the beauty conscious, especially when it was seen being done by celebrities as well. So why should a man, who most probably needs more skin care than the counterpart, due to various reasons be it the summer heat or pollution, be left behind.

Korean skin care revolutionised the way we have been using our products. The industry saw a boom in sheet masks, eye creams, emulsions, night creams, oil based cleaners and what not. This type of skin care not only brought a new wave of treating our skin differently, it also made sure that men become a huge part of this new skin care solution, by making sure that many of these products were gender neutral and hence good for men’s skin as well.

However, the K-skin routine requires some special steps that were not followed by the traditional skin care expert previously. The K-skincare showed us some healthy practices which when followed religiously can definitely show us expected results in skin, this includes various types of men’s skin, be it oily or dry.

So, what does a man need to do, in order to follow the K-skincare regime? Here it is:

Double Cleanse

At this moment it is obvious that we all are aware of what cleansing your face entails. After a day’s work, we have all gone through feeling tired and dirty while the dirt sits on our face clogging the pores. For men the same is doubled as they spend a large part of their days out in the sun while dealing with a lot of harsh rays and pollution.

To make sure that our skin is not clogged and is dirt free, it is important that after the end of the day, our face is cleansed with proper cleansers. The K-skincare routine makes sure of the same through double cleansers. The first cleanse is recommended through oil based products, which are good for the skin, are not harsh and also make sure to take out all the dirt and the products that might have been used earlier.

The second cleanse is generally through a mild face wash or mild foaming cleanser, making sure that a man’s face is deeply cleaned and is ready for the next product.


The next step is to exfoliate. The pollution and dirt particles enter our skin and are at times responsible for our clogged pores. Another major reason for clogged pores can be the oil that is present in our faces. And when a man has oily skin, this oil becomes a lot and can clog the pores, resulting in bumps and acne.

To reduce the oil, and dirt that has entered the skin, it is important to exfoliate the skin and K-skincare routine makes sure of that. For dry skin and maybe men who have a beard and their skin is used to some harsh products, it is necessary to exfoliate through facial scrub, with ingredients like rice, walnut, or different kinds of salts. For a man with sensitive or combination skin, it is best if chemical based products such as AHA, lactic acid or glycolic is used.

Make sure to exfoliate your skin twice a week, to remove all the impurities from your skin.

Moisturisation/ Essence/ Hydration

Once your skin has been exfoliated and cleaned of its impurities, it is important to hydrate and moisturise the skin, as now it has also lost its basic oils and needs to be hydrated back. An essence will make sure to hydrate the skin on a deeper level. An essence also works well for men, as the products used are light and gel based, making sure that the skin doesn’t feel too oily. Hyaluronic acid has garnered a lot of interest due to the same.

Hydrating and moisturising your skin through ingredients that are as according to your skin type is very necessary. An oily skin will not be okay with a product that will make it more greasy and attract more dirt to be built up on your skin. Hence , it is necessary that moisturising products are seriously considered before applying.


One of the best products to use for a good skincare routine is serums. Serums directly affect the problem areas and are focused on solving them. They can be used during both night and morning schedules. As a man, if you are facing the problem of dull skin that has no brightness and light of its own, then using a vitamin C serum is the solution you have been looking for.

A serum contains higher concentration of active ingredients and hence are perfect for that concentrated treatment. A man facing wrinkles should opt for a peptide complex, while someone who is struggling with big pores will benefit from Niacinamide. Make sure to pat your serum thoroughly on your face and neck while using it.

Sheet Masks

The world of skincare and cosmetics went into a frenzy when sheetmasks entered the industry. Everyone of us at some point in our life has now used a sheet mask, and if you haven’t yet, we recommend that you do. Korean skin care is known for the use of sheet masks and the country is considered the birthplace of the same.

The basic principle of a sheet mask is to push humectants and other elements with the help of a barrier, into the skin. However, the sheet masks are now available in tissue, hydrogel and bio-cellulose bodies. A sheet mask helps in allowing concentrated ingredients to be fully absorbed by our facial skin, while also helping us relax and take that much awaited me time that every man deserves.

Eye Creams/ Eye Masks

The area around our eyes is the first place on the face where a man shows the signs of ageing. Hence, it is very important to take proper care of it. Many eye creams, masks and serums are now available in the market, which focus on making sure that you don’t get wrinkles or even dark circles, after a heavy stress day at work.

To make sure that your skin gets skin strengthening proteins, applying eye creams is ideal, while eye gels are for the younger skin or those who are used to puffiness around their eyes. A brightening eye gel can also help out with your dark circles, while an eye mask will help you unwind as well.


Last but not the least at all, SPF is one of the core processes of K-skincare routine and is one step that can never be skipped. Our skin gets heavily damaged from UVA and UVBs. Even in cloudy weather it is advised that one must always wear sunscreen. Not to forget that pigmentation, dehydration and premature ageing are all caused by sun damage. So, double up on your SPF today!


Traditionally we are very aware of how men are stereotyped as someone who can never show their vulnerability and are never supposed to care about their skin, as it is something that was considered to be a female etiquette.

However, the truth is that skincare is something that should be done by all the genders. It is as simple as the fact that we all have skin and hence we all need to take proper care of it.

And with the Korean market entering our industries, many men have now openly accepted the idea of taking proper care of their skin. The Korean trend shows its leading men accepting their feminine side and do not hide away from the fact that everyone needs to care about their skin in order to look charming and their best self. So, why not you?

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