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Cufflink Styles: Elevating Men's Suit Fashion

Cufflinks are a crucial accessory for men when donning a suit, regardless of the occasion. Whether it's a formal gathering, a night out on the town, or a romantic date, cufflinks have the power to elevate a man's overall appearance. Despite their small size, cufflinks have the ability to enhance the elegance of any suit. There is a diverse range of cufflinks designed for men, each with its own unique style. Continue reading to explore these various options.

When preparing to step out in a well-tailored suit, whether it's for a social event, a day at the office, or a romantic rendezvous, it's essential to incorporate cufflinks into your attire. Cufflinks serve as the final touch needed to refine your ensemble. When worn correctly, they replace conventional shirt buttons and are typically paired with French cuffs. Cufflinks are a type of accessory for men that never pushes you into the territory of looking overdressed or excessively adorned. They exude timeless sophistication, luxurious opulence, and remarkable versatility, which all contribute to enhancing your overall appearance.

With these considerations in mind, we have taken the initiative to delve into the various types of cufflinks that men can pair with their suits. Explore the options below and select the one that best suits your style.

Bullet Back Cufflinks

As their name suggests, bullet Back cufflinks are easily recognizable due to their bullet-shaped fastening mechanism. They hold the distinction of being the most widely favored and uncomplicated cufflinks you can come across. Opting for these cufflinks means aligning yourself with a tradition that spans generations, as countless men have chosen bullet-back cufflinks for many decades. These cufflinks feature a metal bar that attaches to the cufflink's main body. This metal bar can pivot 90 degrees, which facilitates their ease of use when securing them in place.

Whale Back Cufflinks

Whale back cufflinks bear a resemblance to bullet back cufflinks in that they also feature a 90-degree rotating metal bar that connects to a metal bridge. However, they are typically distinguished by a shorter and thicker rectangular rotating bar. These cufflinks embody the perfect fusion of sophistication, functionality, and user-friendly design, making them a preferred choice for many men.

Chain Link Cufflinks

As the name implies, chain cufflinks are characterized by the connection of their two ends with a chain. These cufflinks are revered as the most traditional and classic type. In fact, they represent the original design of cufflinks, where a chain links the two sides together. This chain serves the purpose of adjusting the cuff's fit if needed. Additionally, one notable feature is that these cufflinks exhibit a pleasing aesthetic from both sides of the cuff.

Fixed Back Cufflinks

These accessories, also referred to as button-style cufflinks, stand out because they are devoid of moving parts. They effortlessly slide through your shirt's cuffs without the necessity for any adjustments. However, it's worth noting that they can be a bit more intricate to put on compared to other cufflink types. The primary advantage they offer is the convenience of not requiring any adjustments during wear.

Ball Return Cufflinks

Ball return cufflinks feature a curved post with a weighted ball on the opposite end of the decorative head. While the appearance of the decorative head can vary in design, the end of the post consistently maintains a round and curved shape. These cufflinks are particularly renowned for their ease of use, as they can be effortlessly pushed through the cuff's buttonholes. They are commonly crafted from precious metals like silver, gold, nickel, or rhodium.

Knotted Cufflinks

Knotted cufflinks bear a striking resemblance to chain link cufflinks, as they also feature two heads connected by a short and pliable length. However, what sets them apart is their composition: instead of metal, they are crafted from a soft cord, typically silk, and the heads are fashioned as decorative knots. The textured and irregular surface of the knotwork lends a more casual and relaxed style, especially when multiple colors are incorporated into the design.

Locking Cufflinks

Locking cufflinks are often considered to be of superior quality due to their heightened security, virtually eliminating the risk of losing them thanks to their hinge mechanism. These cufflinks can be likened to the closure of a metal watch: after inserting the cufflink, simply fold it, and it securely locks in place. This contemporary style combines effortless use with innovative designs, making them a practical and stylish choice.


With a wide array of cufflink options available for men, individuals can always select the ones that best match their preferences and style. Numerous cufflink designs are at your disposal, so opt for the ones that resonate most with your taste. These accessories can elevate your appearance when you don a suit and assist you in leaving a refined and enduring impression on others.

Written by: Deepti Dogra

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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