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Cruelty- free skincare for men who care

Cruelty-free is a term that evolved over the years in the wake of the barbaric practice of animal testing. For years, guiltless animals have been used by industries for testing while making products. The men’s beauty and skincare industry is one of them. However, some brands have emerged as knights in shining armour with cruelty-free skin care products. Read on to know more about cruelty-free skin care and brands that produce these products.

If you type ‘animal testing’ on Google, photographs of animals in gruesome conditions will pop up on your screen. These pictures symbolise the dark reality that the beauty and skincare industry obscures from our sight. For decades, the industry has been testing products on innocent animals.

Animals like mice, rats, rabbits, monkeys and guinea pigs are forcefully fed lethal ingredients. In some cases, chemicals are smacked to their delicate eyes and skin, leaving them maimed, blind or dead.

Testing on animals can be very much avoidable, yet brands continue doing so. Being a strong advocate against such barbarism, it aches me to learn that even after efforts by renowned entities like PETA, an anchor for animal rights and welfare, these practices are still practised in every nook and corner. If you ask me for a solution to this plight, going for cruelty-free skincare will go a long way.

If you’re also troubled by the way skincare brands massacre innocent lives, gentlemen, it is time to take a lead! By not buying such products, you would discourage brands from further continuing this practice. Go for brands that produce cruelty-free products.

Cruelty-free skincare products do not indulge in any test performed on animals. Brands that promote such products are mainly listed by *PETA on their Global Animal Test free list.

Going for cruelty-free products is a wise choice for your skin as well, as most of these brands keep away from using harsh chemicals. The brands usually use natural and sustainable ingredients, that is a win-win situation for both you and Mother Earth!

Here are some cruelty-free skincare brands from around the world that you can choose from:


As the name suggests, this brand strongly condemns animal cruelty. Along with being cruelty-free, Mancave is also a brand that promotes vegan skincare products.

You can find a range of eco-friendly products like shampoos, shower gels, face scrub, serum and eye gels. All of the products are made up of natural ingredients. Even the tubes that they use for their products are made up of recyclable plastic.

Original Beard Co.

If you want to get those manes luscious and soft without hurting the fauna, go for Original Beard Co. Founded by Becky and Alan as a small business, the brand sticks to their ethic of using and making cruelty-free products, which are completely Earth friendly. In fact, their packaging is also easily recyclable.

Forest Essentials

Forest essentials stands with ‘purity’ as their ultimate endgame. Directed with their stance in Ayurveda, the brand comes with cruelty-free skincare products meant for both genders.

The product range varies according to your needs which are also completely handmade and organic. For men, the brand carries natural face washes, shampoos, bath washes and beard oil.

Neal’s Yards Remedies

Neal’s Yard Remedies was the first ever certified organic health and beauty brand in the UK. The products are confected in their Earth friendly factory in the lust meadows of Dorset.

They’ve a number of skincare products like shower gels, toner, masks, scrubs, mists and moisturisers. All the products are made using herbs, botanical ingredients and essential oils.

If you’re a crafty person or love to stock up appealing containers, Neal’s Yard Remedies can be your go-to brand for your skin and aesthetics!

The products come in beautiful blue bottles, symbolising a nature friendly environment. You can upcycle these bottles into vases, candlesticks and other home decorations.

Kama Ayurveda

Kama Ayurveda has an array of cruelty-free products that you can choose from. My favourite go-to products are the hair cleanser and conditioner duo. They give you the just lustour to qualify your mane amazing!


UpCircle was born when a brother and sister duo happened to ponder over a cup of coffee about the idea of recycling throwaway coffee grounds. Over the years, they’ve launched toners, face serums, eye cream, balms and soaps, all made up of waste byproducts.

The cruelty-free brand uses plastic free packaging as their containers are made using aluminium, glass or cardboard.


The beauty industry has been promoting products that were ruthlessly tested on animals. The glamour of the industry skilfully hides these happenings.

Things are changing with the grace of cruelty-free skin care products. Many celebrities have come forward in support of cruelty-free skincare. These brands are the future we all have been looking forward to.

Apart from the fact that our generation needs to generalise skin care for men, a thought provoked use of products is also necessary. We urge today’s men to not only condemn the chemical based non vegan, non cruelty free brands, but also to support those who are more sustainable for our future.


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