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College Survival: Fashion Tips for College Boys

College fashion is not the most talked about fashion segment especially for young men. Even though being an educational institution that is meant only for studies, colleges have provided a platform for students to grow not only academically but also personally through ways of presenting oneself. To stand out among your peers there are certain fashion tips for college boys that are to be followed.

Fashion trends for college students is becoming a more and more popular segment among big fashion names and have specially curated outfits that are meant for college going boys. But more so than going after brands it is always more important to go for clothes that fit you well and are comfortable. So to know more about such tips, continue reading on how to become a fashionable college student.

Wearing neutral and versatile colours

For college fashion essentials it is recommended that you always have versatile colours that you can mix and match with any outfit. Neutral colours such as white black, grey and maroon are great options to have which go with any colour pants and shoes. It’s one of the most basic fashion tips for college boys.

Affordable casual wears that are not extravagant

Fashion trends when you’re young are more fast than sustainable as you are still a growing man, hence a basic principle that must be followed by all college going boys is to buy apparel that is affordable and comfortable. Brands such as H&M and Target are great options for young boys that are trendy and versatile.

A plain white or black crew neck tee

A basic white or black crew neck tee is an absolute essential for a college going guy because of its versatility and also gives a mature look to your whole outfit. It is available in any brand that you want and is quite affordable. This makes it easier for you to buy if the current one becomes dull or worn out, making it one of the most basic fashion tips for college boys.

Footwear that complements any outfit

Simple sneakers such as our basic white, black and brown ones are enough to match with any outfit that you choose to wear for the day. They are trendy and make any college going boy smart and fashionable. Brands such as United Colours of Benetton and H&M are great options for buying such affordable but trendy sneakers. Footwear is the first thing that a person notices about you, making it one of the most important fashion tips for college boys.

Graphic t shirts

Being a college going student it is not expected of you to wear solid colours all the time, bring some vibrance and personality into your outfits with some cool looking graphic tees. They have become a trendy fashion choice for men and have a variety of designs for you to choose from based on your style and preferences. They are a great way to display your personality through your fashion.

Check shirts

Check or flannel shirts as some know it are the best type of shirts for any young man going to college. They are easily available in varied colours although we recommend going for more sober colours such as red, blue, grey or green. Sober colours will make you look steady and create a good impression among the faculty members of your college, maybe even helping you get a brownie point if you do well in your academics as well! All in all, they are a great addition to your wardrobe as a college student.

Frequent grooming

As a college student you are no more a child and are on the road to becoming a man. As a man your fashion game should always be neat and presentable but your clothes are not the only one that will make an impression. Your hair and beard (if you have one) play an important role in making an impression amongst not only the teachers but also your peers as good grooming always keeps you looking fresh and young. Always keep in mind to trim your hair, beard and nails to look fresh and attractive.

Smell is priority

Staying out the whole day can make you sweaty and smelly. Having a good scented perfume or deo is an essential as a college student (or in general) for this reason. Carrying a pocket deodorant in your backpack is going to save you from smelly and awkward situations where you are talked about behind your back. It’s one of the most essential fashion tips for college boys.

Remember to be yourself and embrace your uniqueness

At the end of the day one of the best fashion tips for college boys to follow is to remember to be your individual self and embrace that uniqueness. Fashion is not the sole way to make an impression of yourself. You being your own confident self is the best fashion you can have and will always be the most attractive thing about a person.


Fashion is not the most important part of college life but still is one of the most important things to learn during your time there. It’s a great time to find your style and build on it so that when you’re a graduate you know the best way to make yourself presentable and also build your own identity. It’s a great way to build your confidence and make yourself ready towards becoming a competent adult. These fashion tips for college boys are to be used as a guide which will make you a valuable student in your college.

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