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Celebrities who grew without a father

Whenever you admire any celebrity, you admire their success. But the journey that took them there offers a lot more to learn. Everybody fights their own battles. But it gets harder when you do not have your father around to be your shield. The role of a father is often understated. Usually, children are more afraid of their fathers when compared to their mothers. Most of the time Fathers and children are just in a loop of avoiding expression of their emotions towards each other.

Children are said to be as flexible as wet clay. Their personality can be molded in any shape. Parenting plays a vital role in forming the basis for our lives. But what happens when they grow without a father? We usually avoid understanding the role that our fathers play in our lives. There are many celebrities who touched the sky of success while suffering from the pain that comes from the absence of a father. Let us understand their journey and how they got to where they are today. Let us see how a father impacts a child’s life.

Lil Wayne

Famous American Rapper Lil Wayne may fascinate you with his lifestyle and ability to write incredible rap songs. But nothing was served on a platter to him. Lil Wayne was shaken when his step dad, Rabbit died in 1996. Wayne was just 14.

Wayne and his biological father Dwanye Michael Carter, Jr. share a rocky bond. He had divorced and abandoned Wayne and his mother when he was just 2 .

Lil Wayne always admired his step dad. His step dad, Rabbit, died when Wayne was 14 years old only. He wrote a rap song “Everything” for his beloved step dad. Even his first tattoo is dedicated to his father. Wayne stated that he was devastated after his father’s death and became a “man” after that. Wayne had a mentally unstable childhood and even attempted suicide when he was 12.

Kate Becknisale

Successful American Actress Kate Becknisale usually updates her Instagram profile on occasions like Father’s day or her dad’s birth anniversary. The rough road behind the flawless smile guides us towards Kate’s struggle while growing up without her dad. Kate was 5 when her dad Richard Beckinsale passed away. He was a famous actor too. He died due to a cardiac arrest.

In an interview, Kate said that “she was never the same again” after her father’s death.

Katrina Kaif

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif was very young when her parents decided to divorce each other. Katrina’s childhood was compromised gas her mother alone was raising all the 8 siblings. During an award show in 2019, Katrina said that not having a father figure around creates a vacuum and makes the person feel more vulnerable . Her mental peace was shattered and she was inspired yet disheartened by seeing her mother struggling to raise all the kids alone.

Katrina continued and said that she has gone through something emotionally hard after her father left. She added that it is nice for the ones who have a father figure around to love them unconditionally.

Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood’s King Khan is surely loved by every generation. But his success journey has been full of thorns. Shah Rukh lost his father when he was just 15. He went through financial obstacles but decided to continue acting to fill the void he could feel after his father’s death.

During the ThinkFest conclave, an annual event, in Goa, Shah Rukh told how devastated her sister was after their father’s death. He added that it took her almost two years to accept it and be normal.

Priyanka Chopra

You can spot a tattoo on Priyanka Chopra’s wrist that says “Daddy’s lil girl” in her father’s handwriting. Priyanka Chopra is a famous actress who often talks about the love she carries for her late father Mr. Ashok Chopra.

Chopra often puts lights on how difficult it was for her to overcome her father’s death followed by the loneliness and negativity in her life. She stated that she was angry and emotionally confused. She felt abandoned, and confused about how to process all she was facing after her father’s death.

Freddie Prinze Jr.

Famous Hollywood Actor Freddie Prize Jr. grew up without a father. He was less than an year when his father who was 22, committed suicide. His suicide note said “I can’t do this anymore”. (Though 6 years later the jury concluded that the shooting might be accidental as the 22 year old was under drug influence at that time).

Prinze states that as he was too young when his father died, he didn’t know much about him his whole childhood. He didn’t even miss him. But later, during the teenage years, he felt the need of having a father figure around . Absence of a father was very evident in his life.

He said that nobody wanted to talk to him about his father as they were scared about what to say. Prinze said that his family and friends didn’t want him to know that his father took drugs and shot himself. According to him, his teenage was very rough with thoughts like “why wasn’t he enough for his dad to stay”. Even though Prinze didn’t know his father, it still took him years to let go of this.

Julia Roberts

Famous Hollywood actress Julia Roberts is known for her lively smile. But there are lots of harsh stories hidden behind that charm. Though Julia’s parents were separated when she was 5, she was still very close to her dad. Her father was diagnosed with cancer and passed away when Julia was 10 years old. According to Julia, the incident left her in a numb space.

She states that losing a father at an early age can snatch away the dreamy life that every child should be allowed to have. That sudden hit of responsibility and practicality takes away the innocence of a child that can never be brought back.


We all admire celebrities and their success. But there is a story to every character. Read that story. Maybe you’ll find something relatable. Maybe they can inspire you. Growing up without a father affects a child in a million ways. It’s never complete for them without a father figure around. Fathers are the guiding and protecting shields. And here are some celebrities who are not in that shield and still feel the void even after achieving so much.

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