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Why another blog for men ?

There are a lot of places men can waste time on the Internet. What do they get ?

Loose fashion tips, sloppy organisation tips that don’t work, maybe mediocre tips to hack life !

We are not just one of them we are a magazine that offers reliable experts and post what’s relevant

Maybe you wont find many articles on a daily basis because we don’t load the search engines with keywords. We don’t serve mediocre.

Maybe it will take years for you to find us and our philosophy but we are confident and we will wait for your patronage.

Here what we can promise you in our cult:

  1. Only the best and tried advise for men

  2. Experts to add value to your living every time you log into us

  3. A community that is helpful and caring

  4. Highlights on things that can make you a better man

Surf around and be with us as we excite the manhood in you without with real stuff that matters and that will stay with you.

After all we are here to offer the best to any him who cares to seek seriously.

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