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Breakfast for Men to reduce Belly Fat

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Is your belly fat still bulging even after conscious efforts and exercise? Is it becoming embarrassing for you as at the age of 30, 22 year olds are calling you uncle, because of your belly fat? Are you still blaming ‘the beers’ for your belly? Here is a list of breakfast items for men, which is not only easy to make but also helps burn belly fat.

We have all heard it many times during our lives about how important it is to have lukewarm water in the morning. As lukewarm water not only flushes out the toxins, it also makes sure that we lose some weight in the process. But what if we tell you that your breakfast can also help you burn that belly fat? You will at least do a double take, right?

For healthy living we are always told never to skip breakfast, as it is considered the most essential meal of our day. In fact once you have had a good amount of breakfast, your body will automatically not feel the urge to have a heavy lunch or any other meal. Making sure that your body weight is maintained.

It is quite interesting how our body functions and has a relationship with what we eat. A heavy and healthy breakfast determines our meals of the day. This meal of the day not only makes sure that you are living a physically healthy life but can also determine a good mood for the day. Which automatically ensures a stress free, healthy life for a man.

According to a *2020 study that was published in Psychological Medicine, those who skip breakfast are likely to have a mood disorder. While a *2021 study specifies that those who miss out on this very important meal of the day, are also missing out on some important nutrients in their routine.

Vitamins and nutrients are an essential part of any man, who wishes to live a long and healthy life. However it is important to note that any man who wishes a healthy lifestyle must ensure a healthy breakfast and enough exercise to keep him fit and happy.

It is also quite known that a good breakfast ensures that your BMI (Body Mass Index) remains good. On the other hand, it is not so commonly known that your breakfast can have meals which can also help you reduce belly fat. Wondering how? Here it goes:


A good protein induced diet is always advised by experts around the world to have a healthy body weight and bring out those muscles in Men. Including eggs in one’s breakfast ensures that we are not only providing our body with good proteins, but also with essential amino acid, leucine, which then catalyses the fat burning process in the body. Another hidden advantage of eggs is that consuming egg yolk is known to turn off the fat gain genes. Eggs make sure that our belly is not only full but also burning the excess fat.

Yoghurt to burn belly fat

No, we are not talking about the different varieties of greek yoghurt that is now available in the market and is way more consumed than the good ol’ yoghurt. We are talking about the plain white yoghurt which is not only great in taste but when added to your breakfast, makes sure that you are able to reduce that belly fat.

Yoghurt in fact contains good bacteria, which helps in reducing the fat deposition in our bodies. There are various ways of including yoghurt in your breakfast. You can start by adding it to your salad dressing or in your breakfast smoothie, or just have plain white yoghurt with some berries.

Green Veggies

Green veggies can help burn belly fat.

Yes, we know the face that you are currently making. And we understand it as well. However, the truth of the matter is that adding green veggies to any part of your diet will only be healthy for your body. And including them in your breakfast ensures that your body gets its dietary fibre.

Green veggies are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre (as said before) and antioxidants. They help reduce inflammation and help in digestion, which in turn reduces your belly fat. A good way to include green veggies in breakfast is by having various green breakfast smoothies.

Oatmeal to burn belly fat

If you are going for oatmeals, which let us say is a great choice for a healthy breakfast, make sure to choose flavourless oatmeal, instead of the packed flavoured variety. The flavoured oatmeal will generally contain sugar, which of course is not a great choice for a healthy breakfast.

Oatmeal is rich in fibre and contains carbohydrates, which is known to curb hunger. They are also great providers of energy, which definitely comes in handy during the day. Add some nuts in your oatmeal along with a fresh juice in your breakfast routine, and your body is now packed with enough nutrients, proteins and fibre to get you going for the day.


Quinoa salad helps burn belly fat.

Quinoa has been trending in the health industry for some time now and for good reasons. Quinoa is an insoluble fibre, which makes it great for breakfast, as it can help you feel full for the day. The end result being that your lunch and dinner portion automatically decreases.

It is also a good source of dietary fibre, protein and aids in digestion. There are now a lot of healthy recipes available around quinoa. A good way to consume it is by making quinoa upma, which will then also include veggies in your breakfast. A healthy, happy, belly reducing breakfast, which is also easy to make.


No man is looking to feel embarrassed or out of breath during the day just because he is not healthy and hence not so fit to run around for daily chores. We also understand that due to your heavy work life schedule, it is impossible for you to spend hours in the gym. Although no man likes to have a ‘dad bod’, where his bulging belly becomes an issue in day to day activities.

Fret not, while adding the above mentioned foods in your breakfast, you are not only making sure that you have a healthy and full breakfast, you are also making sure to reduce that belly fat. A great way to hit two targets with one stone. 


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