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Best Indoor Exercises to perform during Monsoon

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

The rainy season is here when the clouds appear any time of the day and start pouring like cats and dogs. While the monsoon can disturb our entire schedule, it also has an adverse impact on our health. During monsoon many men tend to start eating more junk, consume a higher number of hot beverages like tea, coffee and create restrictions on travelling to the gym. But when it comes to a healthier body and great physique, nothing should stop men from performing indoor exercises during monsoon. 

Indoor exercises during monsoon is the only way that a man can make sure that he remains fit and happy during the gloomy season. So here are a few simple indoor exercises during monsoon that can make many men be fit and healthy again.

Spot Jogging

Spot Jogging is one of the few simple yet effective exercises that men can do anywhere, even in their living rooms. Spot Jogging is a great pre-workout exercise to prepare one for the main event. It warms up and stretches your body along with creating heat, which is good to burn calories. It is said that 30 mins of spot jogging can help men in burning more than 200 calories. However it is subjective to your speed and strength. It works like a replacement for a treadmill where you use your own body without depending on a machine.

To do spot jogging, bend a little, and lift your knees one by one while standing at one location. You should also use your hands to move forward and backward to gain speed and momentum.


Skipping is a good indoor exercises to perform during Monsoon.

Skipping is another fun and high-calorie-burning workout that improves cardio-respiratory fitness and brings flexibility and coordination to the body. Skipping is high-impact cardio that helps men in strengthening their bones alongside reducing excessive weight from the lower body including thighs, hips and sides. Skipping can be easily done on a balcony or any free space that doesn’t have any obstacles on the roof or nearby.

A man doesn’t need to invest a lot to perform this exercise, except buying a skipping rope that is affordable. Skipping for an hour can help in losing more than 500 calories which is more than any other cardio.

For skipping, men need a strong rope that needs to be circulated in motion and take a jump when it hits the ground. However, men need to be careful during jumps as they should land softly without hurting their ankles and knees.

Strength Training

It is a complete myth that strength training can only be performed in gyms where there is an availability of heavyweights. One can perform strength training at home as well. The simple body-led weight training exercises are push-ups, sit-ups, squat jumps, burpees, and pull-ups. You don’t need to depend on or invest in heavy equipment to perform these exercises. Merely a good exercise mat can be sufficient to perform these exercises without any hindrance. 

An hour of effective rigorous weight training can help in losing more than 200 calories.


Yoga is part of good indoor exercises during monsoon.

Many men are now switching to yoga for strengthening and toning their body. While it adds to the muscles, it is also effective for mindfulness and creating awareness. It also increases the blood flow in your body, leading to a better sexual life. Yoga also can be performed in a limited space available inside the house with the help of just a yoga mat.

Simple sun salutation, yoga poses, and stretches coupled with meditation can really energise men to perform daily tasks with energy and calmness. An hour-long yoga is effective for a complete body workout.

If any man is new to yoga then he can take the help of professionals via youtube videos, free mobile apps and online classes provided by various experts.


Plank is a great finisher for any workout that adds power to the entire body. This is a challenging workout that works on core muscles like abs, stabiliser muscles and back. Additionally, plank teaches patience and increases the ability to focus. It needs a space of your length as you need to lie down on the floor to perform this, preferably on a mat or yoga mat.

To do planks, you need to come on all fours with the help of your elbows and toes where you need to balance your body with their help. You need to stay in the same position for at least a minute or more if your body permits. This can be performed a couple of times for effective results.


It is important to understand that a great physic is built with consistency and men need to be truthful to their body and workout regime. While the intensity, repetitions and force come later, a simple workout regime also adds strength to the body. So don’t divert from your long-term goals and perform your indoor exercises during monsoon.

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