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Best hairstyles for Men in 2022

Hairstyles for men have started to shift from a more prim and proper, product-used style to a more natural or lazy style. The style game has changed to more of a casual look with shorter length and little to no maintenance albeit still keeping it clean and trimmed. Using hair sprays and wax has decreased and Men are going towards a more natural looking hairstyle that suits them individually rather than having similar types of haircuts and following a common trend.

But nonetheless, some hairstyles have made their mark and are evergreen and they are going to be mentioned for this year’s hairstyle trends for men. So whether you go for a natural look or a more polished look, read more to know what hairstyles are looking best for 2022.

Curly Undercut

The curly undercut is one of the hottest hairstyles that is currently in trend. It fashions a youthful look and needs low maintenance as the top is kept short-medium and styling it up with some curls. The sides are completely faded with as mentioned a curly top but with a little more texture and flow rather than messy curls. The style is suitable for most men but is preferred for men with a more well structured face with prominent jaw-lines.

The Buzz cut

The buzz cut is currently becoming the most favoured hairstyle among men. It is easy, lazy and gives a clean look to your appearance. It’s a hairstyle that needs little to no maintenance but can be hard to pull off for some men. It is one of the most clean and minimal looking hairstyles for men. Characterised with extremely short hair on top and faded sides, it is a modern hairstyle that enhances and focuses more on the features of your face than your hair but still not making you look bald. This hairstyle also goes well if you have a beard to rock with it but either way this hairstyle enhances a man’s masculine feature and makes you look clean and handsome.

The Classic middle part

The middle part was a popular hairstyle for men in the 80s and now it has returned to make a statement again. It’s an easy hairstyle to maintain and demands a medium hair length. It’s a hairstyle that most men can rock but then again people with sharp features and jawline might not be best suited for this kind of hairstyle as it doesn’t do justice to their features and might end up looking less attractive than how much they actually look.

The Classic side-part

The evergreen side part hairstyle is the most favoured looking hairstyle for almost all men. It has been one of the best looking hairstyles for quite some time now and it continues to be one. It needs little maintenance and is suitable with hair that is soft and of medium length. It’s one of the safest hairstyles for men as it will suit just about anyone as it’s the easiest way to change up your style and look clean and well maintained.

Curly or Wavy hairstyles

All the guys that were insecure and frustrated for their curly and wavy hair which was always hard to maintain are blessed in 2022. This year is all about curls and waves mostly, with a post pandemic world and fashion shifting to a more casual side, hairstyle trends have welcomed the style of messy curls and bed head textures. A more natural hairstyle is getting into trend and is more preferred than the super well maintained one with hair products. But this natural style should not be overdone and make you look messy and unkempt, there’s always a fine line of stylish and downright lazy and unclean. So remember to keep trim and clean it once in two months to not make you look like a caveman.

Messy quiff with Low fade

This is another popular men’s hairstyle along with the classic side part. Keeping a longer length of hair on the top with completely faded sides. This hairstyle is suitable for all types of men and needs a little hair product such as a clay or a sea salt spray to keep it in place and to make it look clean giving you a handsome look. This hairstyle also requires a skilled barber to give it a good shape and then the rest is upto you to maintain. It is one of the best casual hairstyles for men in recent years.

Short Textured Fringe

The short textured fringe hairstyle is a unique one in this list as it is a hairstyle that can completely make you the best looking one in the room or a weird looking one (just kidding). Keeping fringes down your forehead that are short in length but are well defined and textured with faded or trimmed sides can make many men look suave and stylish. Although, it’s a dicey haircut to rock but if done well it’ll make your appearance as trendy as it can get. Don’t throw caution to the wind with this one as it’s a hairstyle that can go wrong if it’s not done by a skilled barber. So make sure to invest properly into this if you ever think about getting one.

The Mullet

The Mullet is one of the quirkiest hairstyles in this list and is surprisingly one of the best hairstyles for men in 2022. Characterised by its long top and long back of the head with fades on other sides. It’s a hairstyle that is not rocked by a lot of guys making you look unique and stand out, but it should also be remembered that it is a hairstyle that does not suit all and is also not suitable for all occasions. It’s a completely casual hairstyle and has personality to it compared to the rest of the hairstyles. This hairstyle needs maintenance and hair products to keep it looking as like how it was when you first got it at the barber’s


The hairstyle game for men has seen many changes throughout the years, till the peak of 2021 hairstyles for men were mostly loud and well maintained with a longer length. Entering 2022, we are seeing a more sober and clean variety of hairstyles which are suitable for most occasions and most fashionable men. At the end of the day hairstyles are completely subjective and it depends on your preference, style and face structure to know which hairstyle you would look best with. You do not need to follow current fashion trends for hairstyles but a thumb rule to be always applied is that it should look clean, well maintained and not unruly. These hairstyles are what looks best from a fashion and grooming standpoint so that you have a better idea about which hairstyle for men would look best for you.

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