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Beard or No Beard: Demystifying the science of facial hair

Men are frequently unsure whether to go for a bearded or clean-shaven appearance. Facial hair has long been thought to be more “manly,” and cleanly shaved hair to be more soft. Certainly, a man’s aesthetics are totally his business, but society has certain stereotypical notions about facial hair, such as that men with stubble or a full beard are considered more aggressive and assertive in their behaviour, whereas men with a clean-shaven look are considered more sociable and hygienic. Men with beards are considered more dominant and aggressive, whether or not their personalities have these traits. Beards also give men a mature look, and a young guy sporting a beard may look older than his age. Beards also have perils, such as the fact that they are not considered formal, and if you have an important interview, a bearded look may give a negative impression. So, should you grow a beard or not? And, how is a man perceived through his facial hair? These are some of the questions that will be demystified in this article, which will make it easier for men to decide whether to carry a beard or not.

Stereotypical notions regarding men’s facial hair

Society has certain stereotypical notions when it comes to men’s facial hair. A man with a beard is considered “aggressive” and has more “manly” facial hair. A man having a beard is considered “aggressive” and more “manly,” whereas men without beards are considered less aggressive than men who have beards. The longer the beard, the “manlier” a man is perceived to be, according to society’s stereotypes. A beard is a sign of active testosterone in the body, and a bearded look can intimidate the other person, according to a study. Men sporting a bearded look.

May be considered less generous and less social when compared to men with a clean-shaven look. Men sporting a non-beard may encounter thoughts of “the lesser man” and trigger an inferiority complex.

Sociability aspects related to the facial beard

Men with clean-shaved looks are more likely to be sociable than men with beards. Going beardless is often interpreted as a sign of being well-socialized and able to integrate with others, whereas having a beard can make a person intimidating and make other people approach him a little more cautiously. Also, there are hygiene aspects related to the facial beard. Getting shaved makes the skin get rid of dead cells and keeps the skin young and fresh. Moreover, that doesn’t make beards look unattractive; women often rate men with beards as more attractive than going beardless.

Behavioural aspects related to facial hair

Apart from people forming a judgement about men’s facial hair, does the wearer also form a judgement about how his beard looks and behaves in a certain way? Well, definitely yes! Having a beard may change a man’s self-perception and induce certain behavioural aspects. Men with beards are more likely to feel “manly.” The reason for this is that beards create an image in the brain in which a man feels dominant, which can be reflected in his behavior.If a man is not feeling like he is man enough and is having confidence issues, growing a beard can help! Moreover, if one needs to fight anger issues, getting rid of a beard is a good option.

What is more sexually appealing: beards or no beards?

Let’s talk about the most important aspect of all: what will get you more women, beards or no beards? A study says women find men with stubble beards, whether heavy or light, more attractive and manly. If personal hygiene is considered, men with no beards or a fully groomed beard were found to be attractive. Well, this comes under the subjective domain and depends on people’s opinions about facial hair. Some women may have no opinion on it at all, and some may have a strong opinion; it totally depends on the person and relationship you are seeking. Men who feel the best should decide what suits them best and proliferate their confidence.

The Bottom Line

Men’s aesthetics are his business, and they should get the look that suits them. Having a full-grown beard requires commitment and longevity, while having clean shaved skin requires daycare and tenderness. Both can be tried, but falling under society’s stereotypes and then making a judgement is bad as it lets other people temper your judgement and decisions.

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