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Bathroom essentials every man must own

The bathroom is the place in your house where you go to have a literal and figurative makeover. If you are feeling down, you go to the bathroom, have a good shower and come out feeling better. The same goes for your looks, when you go inside the shower you come out of it clean and also your skin and hair on point. Hence, there are certain bathroom essentials that every man must know about and invest on.

Having a bar of soap and shampoo are not the only essentials anymore in the bathroom. Ranging from a proper body wash to dental floss, these bathroom essentials are sure to change you from a boy to a responsible man!

Body wash

A body wash is a much better investment than a soap. It does not get dirty and sloppy in your soap box and also it can be shared with your friends when they come over. With a body wash the aspect of hygiene becomes less of a worry as you are not sharing or using the same bar of soap everywhere in your body. It is one of the absolute bathroom essentials for a grown man.

Memory Foam Mat

The memory foam mat is an absolute win in terms of cleanliness around the house and also comfort. The memory foam mat is a great water absorbent. You can just step out of the shower and stand on it to get your feet completely dried out. It is also comfortable especially during the winters when the tiles are old and you are just out of a hot shower.

Soft towels

Few men realise the importance of good towels. Most of us are using rough or old towels to rub our face which is extremely damaging to the skin. If you do not want your skin to age soon and also make it look soft and clear, invest in soft towels. Soft towels are also great for your hair and prevent it from breaking or drying.

No foam face wash

A no foam face wash is way better than a foaming face wash. Even when traditionally our mind has been conditioned to think that foam equals cleansing, it is not the case when it comes to our facial skin. A foaming face wash completely removes any sort of natural oil from your face which leaves your face dried up and cracked. A no foam face wash is much more gentle on your skin and cleanses the face without removing the natural oils. It is one of those underlooked bathroom essentials that should be invested in.

Body moisturiser

A full body moisturiser should be in your grasp in your bathroom. With the winter season fast approaching, a body moisturiser comes in handy after a hot shower. Hot showers tend to be pleasant but they dry our skin fast. Which is why a body moisturiser should be a part of your bathroom essentials. You can instantly moisturiser your whole body after the warmth of a hot shower and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

Razor blades or a shaver

This is a complete no brainer. As a modern man it is crucial to have your grooming kit as part of your bathroom essentials so that you can not only remind yourself to keep grooming from time to time. But also keeps all your grooming tools organised in one place. 


A trimmer is also part of your grooming kit and should also be kept in the bathroom with a nearby charging port so that you can plug it in when its battery is running low and does not put a halt to your grooming game.

Toiletry Bag

A toiletry bag is another one of those essentials that is gonna make life easier. A toiletry bag helps keep your bathroom organised in one bag especially if you have a small bathroom. It is waterproof and also looks attractive as a bathroom accessory. Gives the impression of a man who does not like his life to be in a mess, that includes his bathroom.

Face scrub

Apart from a face wash, a face scrub is also equally important to take care of your skin. A scrub exfoliates your skin and removes any dead skin, giving growth to fresh and new skin. It is one of those bathroom essentials that men tend to overlook because they think that a face wash is enough.

Exfoliating stone

An exfoliating stone is not only something that is part of a women’s skin care routine. Men should also be encouraged to use an exfoliating stone. It exfoliates your dead skin in your heels and under feet. This keeps the underside of your feet looking young and clean without looking cracked and old.

Shampoo and conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner go hand in hand when it comes to hair care routine. A shampoo is not enough to keep your hair good, you also need a conditioner that keeps your hair protected and soft. They should be part of your bathroom essentials without question.


A man is often seen to be careless with his bathroom essentials. Irrespective of gender the mentioned bathroom essentials cater to all genders. We hope our list of items gave you the idea of what is needed in your bathroom as your man so that you can take better care of yourself and stay organised!

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