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A Haven of Minimalism and Panache for Men

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

It’s every man’s dream, to have the perfect bachelor pad which becomes their haven of minimalism with just the right amount of style. Jaipur-based Live Linen brings forward must-have accessories for your home.

A perfect home isn’t just about making a lasting impression; it’s also about expressing your style while maintaining a sense of comfort.

If you are looking to revamp your favourite space, Live Linen’s collection of upholstery, bed sheets and table runners exude sophisticated panache.

The Linen monochrome lace duvet set is a contemporary-chic addition that goes well with the neutral surroundings of your home. The sombre colour is said to evoke a welcoming comfort for the constant guests that will be visiting the minimalistic bachelor pad.

Cushions are the most important accessory to complete your home decor with multiple uses, always at one’s rescue for support or as an accomplice to magnifying the room’s comfort zone. Live Linen’s Natural Needled cushion cover is the perfect fusion of modern style and minimal design. The various colours available evoke a neutral elegance that uplifts any room.

Set the table for one or many, Live Linen’s Chambray napkin set elevates the dining experience at home. The soft absorbent and enduring linen napkins are a great addition to add a homey feel to your abode. It is versatile enough and an easy pick that matches with any serving set.

Whether to highlight a particular nook of the house or to drastically makeover the space, the designs have been curated keeping in mind the modern age man who likes to be reminded of his past and motivated to work towards a bright future.

“Understanding that each individual is unique, we at Live Linen applaud it and invite each client to pick products that truly reflect themselves. Whether classics or modern designs, we appreciate the special bond that each customer has with their linens, right from the shopping experience to the way it is presented in their homes”, says Nimit Singhi of Live Linens.

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