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7 Tips to care for your leather shoes

Any man who cares about his appearance should invest in high-quality leather shoes. Together with the purchase of quality shoes comes the obligation to properly care for and maintain one’s footwear. 

It’s easy to forget to clean our shoes sometimes because we’re busy or just plain lazy, but it’s not okay to not take care of our leather shoes the way they should be.

Here are 7 tips to help you take care of leather shoes so they stay in good shape:

1. Only purchase quality leather shoes

Investing in a pair of leather dress shoes of the highest possible quality that you can manage within your budget is the most important thing you can do. Although price is not the only aspect that determines the quality of a shoe, it is safe to say that a pair that costs between $350-$400 will be of higher quality than shoes that cost half as much. As a result, the quality of the craftsmanship and attention to detail have improved. The longer your shoes have the potential to last, the more money you should put into purchasing high-quality leather or suede.

2. Avoid wearing the same pair everyday

If you give your shoes at least one day off after wearing them, you can help them last longer. If you wear the same pair of shoes for multiple days in a row, especially when it’s the middle of summer, this can have a significant impact on the shoes’ capacity to retain their form, colour, and durability. You have to allow them some time to catch their breath.

3. Invest in a cedar shoe tree

A shoe tree enables leather shoes to restore and retain their shape after wear, as well as absorb moisture to protect the leather, fabric, stitching, and soles.

The scent of the cedar helps to eliminate odours and keep your shoes smelling fresh by acting as a deodorizer for your footwear. The main line is that shoe trees help to keep your shoes in excellent standing over the long haul and are very inexpensive, so it is worthwhile to pick up a few pairs to use with your high-quality leather shoes.

4. Buy a shoe horn for an easy wear

This handy little tool makes putting on leather shoes much easier to do. That makes it possible for you to glide into your shoes effortlessly without causing any damage to the leather.

5. Consider the weather

Avoid wearing your nice leather shoes when the weather is poor, such as when it is snowing or raining. This is something that should pretty much go without saying.

If your shoes get wet, avoid putting them in areas where there is direct heat because this can cause the leather to get ruined. Instead, you should pack them with paper towels so that the moisture may be absorbed and then allow them to dry naturally.

6. Maintenance

This will go a long way towards ensuring that your leather shoes continue to look their best. Investing in some kind of leather maintenance kit is a smart move to make.

A leather maintenance kit should contain the following items:

  1. Leather cleaner

  2. Horsehair shine brush

  3. Leather conditioner

  4. Shine cloth

  5. Leather shoe polish and polish applicators

It’s crucial to follow the correct sequence while polishing leather shoes. Start by removing any filth, grime, or previous layers of polish from the shoe with a quality leather cleaner or gentle soap and water. Using a soft brush to remove any dust and filth you may not see is a good idea even if the shoes don’t appear to require cleaning. Shoe conditioning will rehydrate the leather, which will cause it to soften and replenish the leather’s natural oils. Choose a polish that is a close match for your shoe colour.

7. Carry a dust bag when travelling

The final piece of advice for maintaining your shoes is to store them in dust bags while you’re on the road. This will prevent the leather from getting scratched up and your clothing from getting dirty.

In conclusion

When worn on a regular basis, dirt, dust, and other particles can quickly become embedded in leather shoes. Leather footwear is an excellent long-term investment. So, cleaning your leather shoes on a regular basis is necessary if you want to keep them in good condition, ensure that they always look their best, and lengthen the amount of time they may be used.

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