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5 Trending summer haircuts for men

Summer has arrived, finally. The time has come to put away your wool hat and head for the nearest beer garden or barbecue. This also means to shift a more fresh haircut.

The cold of winter can make hair dry and lacking in nutrients, which makes it hard to keep a nice mane. A new haircut is exactly what the barber ordered to get things back in shape. But what kinds of looks are currently popular this year? When making a request, what exactly should you be looking for? And what do you do to keep it looking salon-fresh even when you’re in the tub?

For summer 2023, here are five different trendy hairstyles to consider.

French Crop

Most styles in hair care are fleeting. Others, once sculpted atop the head of that first fortunate person, never went out of style. A French crop is ideal if this classic look is what you’re after.

This hairstyle has a long and storied past, but modern tweaks like skin fades and undercuts have ensured it never looks dated.

Even though French crops have been around for some time, they haven’t managed to surpass the popularity of more traditional haircuts like fades and side parts. That’s why you should definitely give one a shot this summer. Different from the standard skin fade and side part, the French Crop is a bold step in the right direction. The skin fade is still present, but the hair on top is combed forward and the hairline is moved down the forehead. Anyone can pull off this look, but men with naturally wavy or curly hair will benefit the most.

Questions to ask

Every decent barber in the world is familiar with this style of haircut. Requesting a French croissant is as easy as asking for one, he says.

What to wear it with

This trim is very versatile. By changing how it is styled, it can be made to look like many different things. We suggest a basic grooming routine to maintain a classic look. You can “towel dry it with a little bit of clay or wax.” simple and convenient, ideal for the busy man.

Contemporary Afro

There’s no need to channel Captain Caveman just because you’re going to be going naked upstairs. You can now confidently show off the hairstyle God gave you in a way that is clean, tidy, and on purpose, thanks to the innovations of the modern barber.

Tyson Pyne, an afro-hair expert at Barber Barber, has seen the trend toward natural styles grow over time.

The classic afro haircut, which was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, is going through something of a renaissance right now. For black men, the afro represents more than just a fashion statement; it’s a part of their sense of self. The afro can be sleek and perfectly styled, or it can be left natural.

Questions to ask

You should tell your barber that you want a big, natural look while still maintaining a clean shape and edges. Depending on how clean you want the cut to be in the end, you can request a skin fade or a taper.

What to wear it with

To keep this look fresh, Pyne suggests washing, drying, and conditioning the hair once or twice weekly. When it comes to maintaining a healthy scalp and hair, “the hair needs to be nourished with organic oils,” like coconut oil or olive oil spray.

When going for one of these massive yet natural looks, a sponge brush is an indispensable tool. When you use a fibre cream on your hair after a volumizing mousse, your hair will get more height and volume.

Messy Mid Length

After a long reign of short cuts, celebrities’ experiments with shoulder-length hair have brought the trend back to the forefront of men’s fashion. Kit Harington, Dev Patel, and Harry Styles are just a few of the celebrities who have helped convince the world that longer, tousled haircuts are the way to go.

Men all over the world favour the messy hairstyle because it is a symbol of masculinity, toughness, and even sexiness. The messy look is a cool choice, whether your hair is short or long. It is simple to put together a businesslike appearance for a crucial meeting of the board.

We call this a classic because of how easily it can be worn on or off the face. However, with hair this long, it’s crucial to invest in high-quality shampoo and conditioner, as well as the services of a barber who is an expert with scissors.

Questions to ask

Request the “square layered haircut” that we advised, but just in case, bring a picture with you.

What to wear it with

The ease with which you can style your hair at home is the best part of this cut, aside from the way it looks. It can be diffused with sea salt for a more structured finish or rough towel-dried with a little bit of pomade for a sleeker look, as noted by us. “Again, in my opinion, this cut will always be in style.”


Men are increasingly bleaching their hair to a platinum blonde or even white colour. If you have white hair on your head and beard, bleaching your hair can be a really subtle yet noticeable way to change your look.

There have been very few instances in the past where bleached hair actually looked good. Numerous examples exist of it going horribly wrong. There was Instant Ramen, Justin Timberlake from 1997, Kanye West’s misguided tribute to Trevor McDonald, and, of course, the king of bad fashion choices, Guy Fieri.

In recent years, though, a group of well-known men have been pushing hard for drinking. Zac Efron, Zayn Malik, and Jonah Hill are just a few of the names that come to mind. This summer is a great time to give it a try if you’ve been considering it.

Questions to ask

One should not forget that bleach is a powerful chemical. Ken Hermes, ambassador for The Bluebeards Revenge grooming brand and The Lions Barber Collective, emphasises the significance of asking for a patch test. “No professional hair stylist should bleach your hair on the same day; both your hair and skin should be tested first.”

What to wear it with

Make sure your hair is well hydrated and nourished before getting any cuts. “This is a chemical treatment that will alter the quality and feel of your hair,” Mills says. The right conditioner, however, can alleviate the problem.

Redoubled Curtains

One of the most infamous cuts of the ’90s is making a comeback for SS19, proving that the 20-year trend clock is still ticking to the nanosecond.

Curtains, believe it or not, are once again fashionable, and you don’t even have to go full boy band to rock them. Looser, waverly cuts are the trend this season. London barbershop owner Joe Mills, who also conceptualised Primark’s first in-store barbershop (called Mills), believes he has an explanation.

The emergence of new shapes is contributing to a move away from the slicked-back style, he says. “[Curtains] is one of the looks that lends itself to this shift, combined with the fact that people like Timothée Chalamet have been rocking it and it always looks great.”

Questions to ask

Mills advises bringing a photo in order to avoid the wrong kind of #throwback. He continues, “Consider how much total length you seek. This style is versatile and looks great on thick hair. Better yet, give it some motion by adding a wave.

What to wear it with

Mills suggests using a pre-styler made to amplify curls and letting hair air dry to achieve the look at home. Straighten your hair with a hair dryer right after you get out of the shower, then add some sea salt spray for texture. Easily a haircut that if rocked could look timeless.

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