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In Talks with Ankush Bahuguna

Sketching Success: From Architecture to Acting

Ankush Bahuguna’s rise from an architecture student to a celebrated content creator and actor is remarkable. Known for his humorous sketches, beauty tutorials, and relatable content, he has carved out a unique niche online. His journey shows the power of following one’s passion despite uncertainties.

Ankush found his voice and audience by blending spontaneity with strategic content creation, building a loyal community that values his authenticity. His story is about perseverance, staying true to oneself, and evolving.

In this candid interview, Ankush delves into his transition from architecture to content creation, the challenges he overcame, his creative process, and how he juggles his dynamic career with personal life. He also shares invaluable advice for aspiring content creators and discusses his future ambitions.


Join us as we delve into the mind of Ankush Bahuguna, exploring the experiences and motivations that continue to shape his extraordinary journey.

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