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Why you should invest in a shoe dryer

When you’re out and about, one of the most bothersome things that could happen is your shoes getting wet. Especially in the rainy season or on snowy terrain, wet shoes can become a rather annoying problem. Even with waterproof shoes, not much can be done if you step into a puddle. However, wet shoes aren’t simply an inconvenience; the longer your feet are wet, the greater the damage to your skin, including tears and the formation of blisters and deep cracks under your feet. All of these conditions can affect your mobility, and at worst, they can cause you to develop athlete’s foot, a contagious fungal infection. A good shoe dryer is one of the most practical investments you can make, whether you’re at home or on vacation at a beach or on a snowy mountain. Let’s find out about the benefits of buying a shoe dryer.

Benefits of buying a shoe dryer

Although we wear shoes every day, it can be difficult to schedule a time to clean them, and if you’re anything like me, you probably don’t do it until the very last moment and then stress about them not drying quickly. Drying shoes can be a hectic process. You can’t keep your shoes in the sun, as the soles might crack in the intense heat, and stuffing them with paper towels and drying them under a fan is not exactly efficient.

A shoe dryer can make the process of drying shoes easier. Thanks to the fast drying system, your shoes will dry in about 20 minutes; it will also warm them and leave them cosy for your next outing. Even if your shoes don’t get wet, at constant low temperatures it can be difficult to expel the built-up moisture due to sweating, which can result in an unpleasant odour and cause bacteria to fester.

Therefore, buying a shoe dryer is essential, as it neutralises unpleasant odours and prevents any bacteria from festering.

What to consider when buying a shoe dryer

Buying a shoe dryer can be overwhelming, especially if you’re shopping online. To select the dryer that suits your needs perfectly, consider the following factors:

  1. Price

  2. Capacity

  3. Specification

  4. Style/design

  5. Drying time

  6. Settings

  7. Temperature

Types of shoe dryers

The top shoe dryers don’t have to be comparable to one another or even similar at all. Different shoe dryers can dry shoes at varying speeds. For instance, a bigger shoe dryer can dry shoes quickly but is less portable, while a smaller shoe dryer is portable but may not dry shoes as quickly. You should be aware of these variations and consider how you will use your shoe dryer when making your purchase. Let’s examine the many shoe dryers that are available for purchase.

Convection shoe dryer or shoe dryer with forced air

Hot-air convection dryers are a popular and widely recognised choice. Such an air shoe dryer has vertical extension tubes and is meant to place shoes on these extension tubes.

The way this kind of boot dryer works is simple: it takes in air from the environment, gets rid of any extra moisture, and sends the air back out.

The concept of action is quite similar to that of a forced air shoe dryer; however, forced air is pumped through your wet shoe using a fan.

Positive temperature coefficient dryers are effective.

These boot dryers use internal heating rather than air in the room. They are compact shoe dryers. The shoe dryer can also fit inside wet shoes on a shelf or floor instead of a vertical tube, and the shoe dryer’s heating components heat the shoes without air. The best shoe dryers dry shoes slowly. These shoe dryers regulate temperature to prevent overheating and shoe damage.This shoe dryer’s compact size makes it portable and easy to carry around.

Shoe dryers with UV light

These are another type of shoe dryer that uses ultraviolet light to help dry out shoes. In addition to having a heating effect, these shoe dryers also have a bactericidal impact, which means that they are helpful in the fight against unpleasant shoe odours and stinky shoes.

Silicone cleaner and propane dryer

This is another kind of portable shoe dryer that you can use. Even though these shoe dryers won’t dry your shoes the fastest, they will still get the job done. They are often taken on hikes or camping trips because they can dry your boots on the go and don’t take up much space in your pack.

Important features to consider:

Capacity of shoe dryers

This is simple; most shoe dryers can only dry one pair of shoes at a time.Therefore, you need to consider how many people will be using the dryer at a time. If you have a family or live with roommates, the best shoe dryers would be those that have the ability to dry several pairs of shoes at the same time.

Temperature settings

Our shoes are made of various types of materials, which have different temperature limits; thus, it’s necessary for us to pick a shoe dryer with adjustable temperature settings to keep our shoes safe. For instance, leather is a unique material that should not be overheated since too much hot air causes all the oils on the skin to evaporate, reducing the skin’s flexibility and exposing it to cracks and bumps.

The best boot dryers have a useful feature that lets you choose different modes to dry your shoes. Heating and air can both be used to dry things at the same time. But if you don’t need the heat, you can turn it off, and the shoes will dry without the hot air.

Drip container

Drip containers are trays that attach to the shoe dryer and collect the evaporating moisture. Many manufacturers provide it as a built-in option, but you may need to purchase it separately depending on the manufacturer. With a drip container, you can save your flooring from moisture, which is especially bad if you have carpet or wooden flooring, as prolonged exposure to water can leave marks, inflate flooring material, or even cause fungus.


After reading this article, you can see why buying a shoe dryer is worth it. It is practical, provides superb utility, and makes your shoe drying experience more efficient. Now that you are aware of the different types of shoe dryers, what features to look for, and things to consider, you are ready to purchase the best shoe dryer for you!

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