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Why does the fight for men’s rights face neglect?

It is more than often noted that men don’t fight for their rights. Despite men facing a lot of scrutiny from society, the media, and the public, men’s rights seem neglected. Why is that? Is it that men have stopped caring about their place in this world? Or is it that they’ve lost the will to keep going? Let’s find out.

The fight for men’s rights

In the present day, feminism is the cause to stand for. While millions of women support the movement to ensure that women receive the equality and dignity that they deserve, men are frequently overlooked.

Men standing up for men’s rights is also viewed as a hindrance to the feminist movement. But despite that, men’s rights remain a major concern. Although it may seem like men are less emotional, that is not the case. They are, in fact, less emotionally attached to themselves. Issues like their rights being taken away from them tend to hit a sensitive topic.

Some common rights issues that men face

  1. In cases of divorce or separation, it goes without saying that the woman gets the kids and the man has to pay. This makes sense, since the man has to work and wouldn’t have time for the kids.

  2. In most countries, quota laws say that if two people are equally qualified for the same job, the job must go to a woman if more than 50% of the employees are men.

  3. “Women and children first!” is what we always shout in an emergency.

  4. A lot of places have “ladies’ nights.” It would be unthinkable for men to have events like that.

  5. Women have fought their way into every club and group for men and can now use the law to make sure they stay there. Would men be brave enough to ask to join a group for women?

  6. It is not manly to not pay for a date.

  7. Men are expected to work in the most dangerous and/or low-paying jobs and positions (waste collection, roofing and construction, truck driving, mining, logging, firefighting, and most war-related jobs).

  8. Boys are often treated less kindly than girls from a young age. For example, when boys cry, they are picked up and comforted more slowly than girls.

It’s time to take action

In India, the focus on men’s rights has been on how they “misuse” laws that are meant to protect women from violence. Instead, they should pay attention to some real problems. Men can fight for men’s rights from many different points of view. They can get together to form groups called “Men’s Rights Activists” (MRAs) and take on one problem at a time. Some of these issues requiring urgent action include:

Sexually abused men

Studies have shown over and over that boys in India are often sexually abused. In fact, this Ministry of Women and Child Welfare study from 2007 found that more boys than girls had been sexually abused. Even though it is hard for people who have been sexually abused to talk about it, it is even harder for boys because they are boys.

Men and outcasts

Men may be the more powerful gender, but they are not all the same. A Dalit man, for example, is mistreated by savarna people of both sexes, including women. Men from oppressed caste groups and communities face many kinds of wrongdoing, from subtle forms of discrimination like not getting a job or moving up at work to violent acts like being humiliated or killed. Most of the time, men are the ones who do these things.

Mental Health and Men

Men kill themselves more often than women do every year. This is caused by the fact that men often don’t get help for mental illnesses. There are many reasons why people kill themselves, like ideas about what it means to be a man that make them stuff their feelings, pressure to provide for the family, money problems, and the fact that more men than women abuse drugs.


Men can take a stand, join any, if not all, of the activist groups, and try to make a difference. It is important to remember the bigger picture, which focuses on bringing the issues men face to light. Go through the above list carefully and make sure you’re aware of some such issues. Also, make sure to try and do something about it. The world can only be a better place for men if others stand up and take up the cause.

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