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Why do relationships work?

“A life lived in love can never be dull,” turns out Leo Buscaglia isn’t the only one who thinks so.

Let’s go back in time a little bit. Remember the day you met them. There was one thing that stuck with you throughout the day till the night. It was such a herculean task for you to say a simple hi to them but you did. Hence, the saga began!

Now the big old question that arrives in each of our lives is how to keep or someone special interested enough. Men, with their tendency to take things lightly can sometimes create a barrier with their ego, in a perfectly healthy relationship. So, how should one keep things interesting and make it all work? Well, we know how, and here it is:

First things first:

If you’re serious about that person, make them feel special. The first step towards it is being loyal. If you are not giving them the attention they need, then what’s the point.

Science of nice:

According to the relationship expert John Gottman, Ph.D, “a magic ratio is the main reason behind every long-lasting relationship”. The ratio is simple, 5:1. You have to be five times nicer than the times you’re a nightmare. So, you have to be willing to try to be at your best when not feeling so too. After all, things don’t work unless you do.

Workload Aboard:

Lending a helping hand in household chores might not sound like a fancy way to improve your relationship but it’s an effective one. Only two factors, sex and loyalaty ranked higher than this according to the surveys from Pew Research Centre. And we definitely agree with the survey. So, next time if you see your love managing the house, make sure you make them feel like they are managing a home shared by you two and not just a space.


Yes, you heard it right! One of the most primal activities that is timeless. There have been a million studies(research work) done throughout the planet that point towards one thing, and that is, sexual intercourse. Make sure you keep things spicy enough to keep it interesting enough.


Remember why you fell in love with them in the first place. And make sure to remind yourself that each day. Treat every step in your relationship and time as the first one. Preserve your memories. Treat your partner like ‘Gollum’ treated his “precious”.

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