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Why Do Men Have Affairs When Their Wives Are Pregnant?

Featured image showing a man getting attracted to other woman despite of his pregnant wife

Cheating is a sensitive and often painful topic, one that becomes even more complicated when it occurs during a pregnancy. While cheating can happen for a variety of reasons, this article delves into some of the potential factors that may lead some men to cheat when their wife is pregnant. It's essential to remember that individual experiences and motivations can vary widely, and not all men engage in infidelity during this time.

This article covers the various factors leading to infidelity among men. These are no justification for such acts. Read these points as a mirror of the society and a study on the tensions of a couple. No man should cheat behind a woman, let alone during the time when she is the most dependent on her partner.

Reasons why men get detached from their pregnant wives

1. Emotional and Psychological Changes

Men holding different emotion placards

Pregnancy can bring about significant emotional and psychological changes in both partners. Women may experience mood swings, increased anxiety, and physical discomfort, which can create emotional distance in a relationship. Men, on the other hand, might feel neglected or overwhelmed by their partner's needs. Some men may cheat to find solace or to seek emotional support outside of the relationship.

2. Fear of Commitment

Man proposing his girlfriend

The impending arrival of a child can intensify a man's fear of commitment. Parenthood comes with a plethora of responsibilities, and some men may not feel prepared to embrace these changes fully. Infidelity may serve as a way to avoid confronting these fears or responsibilities. Men who are afraid of commitment of pregnancy and thereby a child should talk with their partner before taking such a huge step. They need to accept the problems and issues that come with pregnancy. Remember when you can fulfill this level of commitment, you will become an even better person.

3. Physical Attraction

Woman getting jealous of her husband getting attracted to other woman

Pregnancy can change a woman's body, and some men might struggle with maintaining the same level of physical attraction they had before. This is not to say that pregnant women are not attractive, but personal preferences vary. Some men may seek novelty or familiarity elsewhere.

This is also observed in case of physical injuries with permanent scar or change in the body of a partner. Women also are not physically capable of the kind of sexual acts that they could do in the pre-pregnancy days. There is also a lot of emotional changes that are caused due to the hormonal changes that the body creates to cope with the needs of pregnancy. They get more cranky, their voice might become more shrill. This can also make them seemingly less desirable to a man.

Men must realize pregnancy is annoying to the women also and she is the one really bearing the child physically.

4. Seeking Validation

A woman getting closer to a man in an office cabin

Infidelity can sometimes stem from a desire for validation. Men who feel neglected or overlooked during their partner's pregnancy may seek affirmation of their attractiveness or desirability from someone else. This can lead to risky behaviors outside the relationship. Men try to find other women who approve of the needs of a man; which can be sexual needs as well as emotional support. Sometimes men find it in other women at workplace or any social gatherings. So they tend to get attached to them more than his own wife.

5. Escapism

A woman holding a pregnancy test with her husband

Pregnancy can be a time of heightened stress for both partners. The anticipation of parenthood, financial concerns, and lifestyle adjustments can take a toll on a relationship. Some men may resort to infidelity as a form of escapism to briefly escape from these pressures. These men were never ready to take the baby and made a mess for themselves, his partner and the infant. If you are not ready to bear the pressure and problems of pregnancy, you should have tried adopting. Adoption is really a good alternative for couples seeking to embrace a child without having to bear the brunt of pregnancy.

6. Communication Breakdown

A man and a woman sitting without facing each other

Effective communication is crucial in any relationship, but it becomes even more critical during pregnancy. Some men may find it challenging to express their concerns, fears, or needs during these times. Instead of addressing these issues directly, they might resort to cheating and going their own way to avoid confrontations. But this problem not only leads to infidelity during pregnancy, it can lead to crumbling of a relationship at any point of time. Good communication is the key to a successful married life. Tell her everything that you felt about another woman, about her pregnancy. It might be hard to do at first, but you have to do it anyway.

7. Lack of Intimacy

A man and woman sitting in different spaces

Pregnancy can disrupt a couple's sexual routine due to physical discomfort, medical concerns, or changes in libido. A lack of intimacy can strain a relationship, and some men may seek physical satisfaction outside the marriage as a result. Pregnancy in reality reduces the desire for intimacy in women. There are various physical and physiological factors behind it. But a man should realize there is more than just sex in a relationship. Relationships are built on trust and mutual understanding. Just as a woman should realize that a man's needs are needed to be fulfilled, a man should also understand the actual constraints that might lead to lack of intimacy. If you had asked her yourself this, you might have realized that she might also misses a good sex probably more than you do.


Infidelity during pregnancy is a complex issue that can't be attributed to a single cause. It's essential to recognize that every relationship is unique, and not all men engage in such behavior during this sensitive period. Open up communication, empathy, and seek professional help when needed. These are essential steps for couples facing the challenges of pregnancy together. Understanding the potential reasons behind cheating among men can serve as a starting point for addressing and resolving these issues within a relationship. Ultimately, rebuild your trust and strengthen the bond with your partner. This should be the primary focus when infidelity occurs during pregnancy.

Written By: Indranil Mukherjee

Edited By: Chirajita Gupta

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