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Why do men cheat?

In modern times, patience and virtue in individuals is getting eroded. Social Dating apps have changed the very concept of intimacy, and now it is very sudden and not very emotive. Men and women both are prone to cheating, but what is it that makes men cheat? and whose fault is it ? These are some underlying questions which are taken up in this article. In this article, the move is to unpack some of the elements related to infidelity and the whole psychology attached with it .

Reasons for Infidelity in Men

People desist from making commitments in relationships nowadays, and if they do, they feel trapped inside. There could be many reasons as to why men cheat, but one dominant reason could be attributed to men trying to feel alive and ignite sensuous pleasure which they might have lost with their actual partner. An attraction towards a person with the opposite sex or to be more precise lust can also draw men to cheat.

Men are humans after all and validation not coming from their partner or not emotionally drawn to your partner can lead men to cheat. Their decision to cheat might come from the desire which they expect from their wives or partners, but which has faded and they try to seek such affection from outside.

Sexless marriages or not being satisfied with their partners sexually could also be a reason for infidelity. Contrary to the popular notion that men can’t resist temptation, men indulge in infidelity to seek happiness which they aren’t getting with their partner.

Men can also be narcissistic and behave in a sexually advanced way with women, as in cheating without any reason or just for the sake of pleasure.

Jealousy and possessiveness can also lead men to cheat. Any anger meted out by their partner, can ignite feelings of revenge which may trigger them to cheat on their partners. Men can easily be offended if their partner shows less interest in them, or if it does not reflect back validation or acknowledgment which they seek from their partner.

Emotional and Physical Infidelity

There are various aspects related to cheating, which can be emotional or physical. In physical aspects, a man is not sexually satisfied with his partner and looks for that void with someone else. Women being pregnant and able to fulfill sexual desires of men during that phase, can lead them to go looking for it somewhere else. A man is most tempestuous when he is not physically satisfied and craves for such intimate connection.

On the other hand, emotional infidelity is when a man has lost touch with his partner emotionally, and is not receiving the affection and attention which he was used to. In this case man will look for emotional companionship outside the marriage, which will affect his present relationship very negatively as no women will tolerate man being in love with someone else and likewise.

What to do after being disloyal to your partner?

Men will always be occupied with guilt if they have cheated on their partner. The thought will always stay with them that they have been disloyal. Married men are more prone to have feelings of guilt, their children’s faces will often remind them that they have not been a faithful partner.It is really pertinent to address the issue in the first place as to why did they cheat if they want to be guilt ridden . All marriages have problems, some small and some severe. Acknowledging the problems and deciding collectively to work a way out is important for the future course of the relationship.

A therapist or a marriage counselor can help if the difference has become so big that they need an expert intervention.

When to walk away from a relationship is also important as more and more infidelity will lead to toxicity and situations when you cannot see eye to eye with your partner. You should decide whether you want to work this relationship or just move out- as no partner will tolerate a disloyal relationship.

As the law says, “Every action has equal and opposite reaction”, if you are willing to change and commit to your partner, it will never happen again and lets sort out our differences, then the relationship is worth giving a try, otherwise, with no validation for your action, sooner or later the relationship will fall flat. It’s your call !

The Bottom Line

Even the Generals after the culmination of World War 2 had to sit on a table and decide on future discourse, so there is nothing that can’t be sorted. There could be a plethora of reasons as to why the relationship went downhill, but this situation can also be a kind of self realization for the couple, and they can take a step wrong and decide collectively on the future discourse of their relationship.


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