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Why are men not able to get enough sleep?

Sleep is the ultimate recharger for the body. However, it stands last on the list of priorities on men's schedules. Nutritious food and quality sleep are essential for a healthy life. Although global trends are slowly progressing towards a healthy diet, sleep is still a neglected aspect. Also, statistics from the National Centre for Health state that 28.8% of men in the age range of 18–44 sleep less than seven hours compared to women's 25.6%.

In this article, let's explore what's the reason for the neglect of sleep in men. And how you can make sure to balance your life to fit the required sleep schedule.

What's stopping men from having the right sleep schedule?

  • Most men don't realize the importance of getting enough sleep. They adapt to a lifestyle where they are tired and grumpy all day but treat it as a natural thing. So, if you are someone who is having a hard time keeping up with things in life and feels lacking energy all day, you need to reconsider your sleep timings.

  • The friends, family, and work cycle is a never-ending one. And most men would rather compromise on sleep than this never-ending phase. Such men need to prioritize their health and maintain balance.

  • The body's reaction to coffee can disturb the sleep routine. An interval of no less than six hours is encouraged to prevent sleep health issues, as per studies conducted on clinical sleep medicine. The inclusion of nicotine and alcohol in the lifestyle is another factor affecting men's sleep health.

  • The inclusion of nicotine and alcohol in the lifestyle is another factor affecting men's sleep health. In fact, long-term smokers have a greater severity of insomnia. Also, alcohol consumption can make you drowsy, but after a few hours, it triggers stress hormones and thereby the heart rate. Such cases may account for ten percent of persistent insomnia in adults.

  • Surprisingly, the false narratives of toxic masculinity have not spared even the sleep of men. In a traditional space, men who sleep less are considered more masculine than the others. This forces men to perceive a lowered sleep time.

Impact of sleeplessness

A disrupted sleep cycle is linked to multiple health disorders.

  • Tiredness is a common factor associated with lack of sleep. People tend to be unproductive and tired all day without proper rest.

  • Blood sugar levels and cardiovascular health are also affected. This may result from sleep's intervention in metabolic and blood flow activities.

  • In addition, mental health has a steep fall with a bonus of mood swings when deprived of sleep. Besides, other organs malfunction, making sleep vital for overall health. For instance, a testosterone increase is linked to at least three hours of uninterrupted sleep in men.

Seven must-try tips to improve sleep quality

Activate the sleep-wake-up cycle

If you have an unorganized sleep schedule, then plan your time properly and set aside a minimum of seven hours, as that is the recommended time for adults by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

You may need a few days to habituate your body to the new sleep-wake cycle. But if you are still tossing around in bed, then just get out and do something relaxing. It may be reading a few pages of a book or listening to a soothing song till you feel relaxed enough to go to bed.

Focus on diet

Neither a heavy meal nor an empty stomach will help you have a restful night. Try to keep your diet balanced.

In addition, consumption of alcohol or nicotine interferes with sleep, so restrict their usage.

Exercise routine

Any physical or outdoor activity can help. Adopt an exercise routine or, if not, go for a walk for a certain time. Besides, one can practice yoga or meditation to boost their sleep.

Stress management

Stress is a major deterrent to sleep. Learn to exert your stress in the right way. Rely on your hobbies to calm yourself.

Map up your worries or tasks earlier to your sleeping time. So that you can avoid them spinning in your head when you are in bed.

Avoid blue-light devices

Reducing phone usage or any device that emits blue light is essential. Studies suggest that blue light from electronic devices disrupts melatonin production in the body.

Also, the light may trick our body into assuming the night is still daytime. Thereby, it damages the circadian rhythms of the body.

Hot water bath

A hot-water bath before you go to bed can relax your body. Thus, it allows an efficient restful phase. If a hot water bath is a bit too much for you, then a warm foot bath can be a better substitute.

Professional Healthcare

In most cases, lifestyle modifications can benefit you. However, certain health conditions go beyond the level of home treatments. In such cases, it is wise to seek medical care.


In the fast-paced life men are leading, sleep is the key neglected factor. It may be due to a lack of awareness or unhealthy habits, but no reason spares the wrath of lack of sleep.

A healthy life needs the optimum amount of sleep, so one should make sure to get the right amount of rest. Besides, one should mitigate the triggers of sleeplessness, such as exposure to blue light and the absence of physical activities. Hence, to enjoy a healthy life, get the rest your body deserves.

Written by: Sameena

Edited by: Aniket Joshi

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