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What it means to be a Brother

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

The bond between a brother and sister is not an understandable one. While you will catch them off guard fighting one day, you will also catch them fighting for each other if one of them gets hurt. A brother can often get overprotective about his sister, no matter how old she is, thinking that she is still that little five year old girl. It is quite important for a brother to understand what his role should be in his sister’s life. So let’s read on to understand what it means to be a brother.

So you love your sister from the bottom of your heart but those fights over who will have the last slice of the pizza just cannot stop? We understand it all. Perhaps, these petty fights between a brother and a sister are what keep their love so strong and keep them together for a lifetime. While boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, you and your sister are always side by side, fighting or not. Your relationship with your sister is truly the one which you can cherish till your last breath.

However, do you know what it truly means to be a brother or are you just going with the flow? Being protective is nice till a limit, if you cross it, it won’t feel nice to your sister at all. Keeping this in mind, we decided to make you understand what it really means to be a brother, especially when you have a sister. Let’s have a look below.

Loving Unconditionally

Whether your sister is daddy’s little princess or mom’s favourite because she bakes her the best banana bread, loving her unconditionally is rule number one. It is quite obvious that she is going to have her own flaws, such as she might not be the best at taking selfies or she might not be tech savvy. However, accepting her as she is and loving her for who she is very important. Never let her think or believe that you love her less due to any of her flaws.

Make Her Look Good in front of Your Parents

A brother should always be by his sister’s side.

No matter how big of a brat your sister might be, it is your duty to make her look good in front of your parents, even if it means that you turn out to look bad. Your sister might always be their favourite (or perhaps not), however, whether she scored a bad grade in her science test or failed in the maths olympiad, you need to make sure that she is still the apple of your parents’ eye. It would not only make her feel good but she will also appreciate you for it.

Be the Reason of Her Smile

Sure, the fighting between you two will always be on, but that should not mean that it becomes the reason for her sadness as well. Make sure that you make her smile and laugh while you two are under one roof, because once she is off to college or married, you won’t get the time and will miss her. Even the smallest of efforts will be counted by her and she will be grateful for them.

Value Her Advice

A brother needs to value his sister’s advice.

It won’t be everyday when your sister will give you her precious advice. So when she does, value it and take it seriously. As a woman, she will know who is good enough for you to date and who is just wasting your time. So when she is telling you something important, listen to her closely and understand that she only wants what is good for you.


Having a sister is a privilege that not all men are able to have. So if you have a sister, appreciate what she does for you and admire the fact that she is always there for you, whether you have failed a test or are going through an agonising break up. She is the one who will never leave your side even if you ask her to and will always be there for you at all times. Happy Rakshabandhan!

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