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WFH! The lie that 2020 sold us!

As the lockdown dawned upon us in the early 2020s, all of us were in shock. Many companies(even the giants) had to lay off a huge chunk. Unemployment rate shot up to 24% in April 2020 alone. Even after more than a year, India hasn’t fully recovered with this shock.

Many researchers as well as the internet is divided between whether WFH is the future or not. If yes, then does it look as bright as a day or dull as the night?

Well, the stats on mental health were pretty clear. Not just in India but all across the globe. Staying at home for long did no good to ensure the mental well-being of the planet.

With social life taking a major hit, many youngsters lacked the motivation and enthusiasm to do their work. So, was it a bad decision for entrepreneurs to advocate the pros of WFH? Probably not! But the major issue was that the cons outweighed its counterpart.

Reduced physical activity:

“Body is our temple,” but who listens.

Staying at home for too long gave people less reasons to take care of their physical well-being. Those who were already living a sedentary lifestyle had it much worse than others.

Inactivity in a routine can make your body a breeding ground for countless diseases. So, better look after it or it’ll look after you.


Let’s be honest! An empty mind is devil’s workshop. The routine of a busy lifestyle that allows you to get out of your house doesn’t leave much room for overthinking. The time that we saved on travel was used to learn new things but created mental exertion too.

“All work, and no play makes jack a dull boy.” The sad part is, it did. In a way, we messed up our thought cycle too. Saving time to create more issues can’t be called that productive after all.

Routine Alumni:

Routine became the school we all went to, and we have some faint memories of it. Inculcating a routine within 4 confined walls didn’t work for most of us.

It messed up sleep cycle aka our circadian rhythm. It is a very unhealthy situation, and can be a cause of worry if not looked after. So, introducing discipline back to life is crucial in these times.

Old is new:

WFH taught us one thing for sure, and that is, that no matter how mundane our lives were. The spice of random magic always blessed us occasionally. Not in WFH though!

Most of ran out of topics to talk about with our best of kin too. Just as stagnant water gets toxic, so did we, and our thoughts. Reminiscing is good but creating new memories is even better.

So, if you’re someone who’s fed up of staying at home. Go out! Explore! There are countless new possibilities waiting at your doorstep. At least open that door, and do tell us in the comments if this article made an impact in your life.

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